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How gritting works

The University of Kent’s Landscape Management team are always up early and working hard to keep the campus safe and serviceable for all. During icy weather, they grit the campus roads and footpaths to reduce the risk of accidents to staff, students, and visitors.

What many people do not realise is, there is a fine art to gritting. Timing is everything. If you go too early, you waste the grit, because it lands on a dry road and is blown away by the displaced air as vehicles drive past. If it is raining heavily then it just washes away. Ideally the grit goes down on a damp surface and starts to stick, but if you are too late the surface is already frozen and the salt has to work harder to be effective but it will prevent big sheets of ice forming.

The salt is hygroscopic which means that it attracts moisture from the air and it only becomes activated when it is ‘trafficked’. When the grit is driven over the salt grinds down and mixes with the moisture it attracts and becomes the ideal brine, a salty water, which is when it is most effective.

Similar to how local authorities manage gritting, the Estates department will grit all University of Kent roads and main footpaths before starting on other areas across the campuses. Further information on the prioritised primary routes can be found on Goggle Maps.

For more information see the University’s Snow and Ice Policy.

Campus car parks and road updates (15-29 November)

The Transport Team want to make finding a place to park on campus as efficient as possible. To do this, we endeavour to keep staff and students updated on any known car park changes within this newsletter.

At all other times, you can visit our Traffic Management Events Calendar and our Twitter page (@unikent_travel), which are updated regularly.

This section of the newsletter also includes ‘Other Traffic Management News’, to highlight any information that may be of importance to drivers.

Car Parking Changes:

Canterbury Campus

Start Date

End Date Location Number of Bays Reason Requested By

 13 May 2019

31 December 2019 Pavilion car park 9 To replace the Tennis Courts Estates on behalf of Hospitality
18 November 2019 22 November 2019 Estates car park 12 Foul drainage work


Medway Campus

There are currently no known car park disruptions at the Medway campus.

Other Traffic Management News

Canterbury Campus

One of the main questions we get asked about the Canterbury campus is ‘where can I park?’ To help answer this, we have our interactive parking map. The map can be used to find out which car parks your permit entitles you to use during permit enforcement hours (Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm), how many spaces are available, and where visitors can park.

Medway Campus

Drill Hall Car Park

To make sure that there are enough spaces in the Drill Hall car park for everyone who wishes to use it, we ask that you please park considerately and do not leave large gaps between vehicles. We are unable to paint bay markings or lines within this car park because it is part of a heritage site. The road and parking areas are distinguished by planters and circular discs in the ground. There are also maps and signs within the car park to help identify the correct places to park.


Parking and Road Updates

Student Centre (Sports Centre pink zone car park)from now until Wednesday 31 July

36 bays will be closed to assist with the building of the Student Centre (SPS and Biosciences), as requested by Estates Department.

Works to replace Tennis Centre (Pavilion car park) – from now until Tuesday 31 December

9 bays closed to assist with works to replace Tennis Centre, as requested by Estates Department.

Continuation of drainage works (Hothe Court) – from now until Friday 21 June

14 bay car park closed to assist with drainage work, as requested by Estates Department.

Reserved Coach Parking (Giles Lane car park) – Sunday 16 June – Friday 13 September

41 bays will be closed to assist with Coach Parking in the non-barrier access area of the Giles Lane car park, as requested by Conference Office and Enrolment Management Services.


Giles Lane car park update- 6 September 2018

Giles Lane car park is now fully reopened as a pink zone car park, and enforcement within Giles Lane will be reinstated from Monday 10 September.

Members of staff are able to update their parking permit from a blue zone to a pink zone, if they would like to continue parking in Giles Lane car park. To update your parking permit log in your permit account and select “Permit application. Apply for a permit”. Once you have applied for a new pink zone permit, email TransportTeam@kent.ac.uk to request cancellation of your blue zone permit.

Within the next week further minor works will continue in the Giles Lane car park, this will include some small areas of tarmacking; installation of signage and additional lampposts. No parking bays will need to be closed for this work to take place.

We are aware that some people are using the vehicle entrance and exit points for pedestrian access. Unfortunately this creates a health and safety risk to those individuals, so we advise all pedestrians to follow the access points provided; these are marked on the car park design under the abbreviation “PA” highlighted in yellow.

Giles Lane car park update- 22 August 2018

Work on Giles Lane car park has been progressing well. The car park is now lined and low level fences have been installed.

We are waiting for the Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) barriers to be delivered and installed and to receive the associated ANPR software.

Giles Lane car park will be reopened (without the ANPR barriers) this weekend to assist with bOing festival. Final adjustments may be required in the car park following bOing, so the car park will be officially open to pink permit holders from Wednesday 29 August. Temporary signage will be in place.

The design of the car park is two lanes of traffic in and out. The design of the car park directs drivers in a zig zag format around the car park to manage the one-way traffic flow. Please see image of design.

The overflow car park will be closed once Giles Lane car park reopens.

Giles Lane Update- 24 July 2018

The works in the Giles Lane car park are progressing well. The pink zone is in the process of being levelled and drainage and data cable routes are being dug.  100% of the waste produced by the works is being sent outside of the University to be recycled.

Overflow parking

To enable us to provide sufficient parking for everyone, we are working in partnership with Kent Sport to have overflow parking available once the bays in the Park Wood car parks are full. There are two over flow car parks, both accessed via Park Wood Road:

  • The first overflow car park is situated around the edge of the sports pitch next to the Sports Pavilion. It is for the use of staff and student permit holders, as well as University Visitors issued with an e permit.
  • The second overflow car park is situated around the edge of the Sports Field at the top of Park Wood Road next to the Oaks car park. This is for the use of permit holders. It will also be used by the Contractors working in the Park Wood Courts areas.

Both overflow car parks are signposted on Park Wood Road. Please ensure all your visitors issued with an e-permit are aware that parking is busy on campus at the moment and notify them of all the parking areas. Details on visitor parking are on our web pages. If you are planning an event on campus over the summer which will require parking for visitors please contact the Transport team as soon as possible to discuss your requirements.

The use of the overflow car parks is weather dependent.   We will keep you updated via Transport News on our website and our twitter page (@unikent_travel) if there are any changes to this.

If there are no car parking spaces available in the overflow car park, please try the Park Wood courts.  Our interactive parking map shows all the car parks on campus, with information on the number of bays in each area.

If you are struggling to find a parking space, please call Campus Security (01227 823300) who may be able to look on the CCTV and advise you where parking is available.

25 July – 8 August 2018

There will be a large number of families staying in the Park Wood Courts accommodation over this period.  Please take extra care and drive slowly in Park Wood as there will be children running around and playing in this area, including on the roadways.  Please note that the speed limit on Park Wood Road itself is a maximum of 20 miles per hour.

During this period the Oaks car park will be reopened to staff, student and visitor permit holders. We will continue to assess whether this area is needed for coach and minibus parking and will advise accordingly.