Campus car parks and road updates (15-29 November)

The Transport Team want to make finding a place to park on campus as efficient as possible. To do this, we endeavour to keep staff and students updated on any known car park changes within this newsletter.

At all other times, you can visit our Traffic Management Events Calendar and our Twitter page (@unikent_travel), which are updated regularly.

This section of the newsletter also includes ‘Other Traffic Management News’, to highlight any information that may be of importance to drivers.

Car Parking Changes:

Canterbury Campus

Start Date

End Date Location Number of Bays Reason Requested By

 13 May 2019

31 December 2019 Pavilion car park 9 To replace the Tennis Courts Estates on behalf of Hospitality
18 November 2019 22 November 2019 Estates car park 12 Foul drainage work


Medway Campus

There are currently no known car park disruptions at the Medway campus.

Other Traffic Management News

Canterbury Campus

One of the main questions we get asked about the Canterbury campus is ‘where can I park?’ To help answer this, we have our interactive parking map. The map can be used to find out which car parks your permit entitles you to use during permit enforcement hours (Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm), how many spaces are available, and where visitors can park.

Medway Campus

Drill Hall Car Park

To make sure that there are enough spaces in the Drill Hall car park for everyone who wishes to use it, we ask that you please park considerately and do not leave large gaps between vehicles. We are unable to paint bay markings or lines within this car park because it is part of a heritage site. The road and parking areas are distinguished by planters and circular discs in the ground. There are also maps and signs within the car park to help identify the correct places to park.