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Giles Lane Car Park Barriers

On Wednesday 19 June the Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) barriers in Giles Lane car park will start operating. We will be tweeting updates on the morning of the 19th via the Transport Team twitter @unikent_travel. If you do not have a twitter account you can view our tweets on our news page.

As you arrive on Campus there are 2 electronic Vehicle Message Signs (VMS) located on Giles Lane. One by Giles Lane car park entrance for drivers approaching from St Stephens Hill and the other just before the Park Wood roundabout, for drivers approaching from University Road direction.

The VMS will work with the ANPR barriers, to show the number of available spaces within Giles Lane car park barrier controlled area. This information aims to assist drivers with making a decision on whether to enter this car park or divert to a different one.

When entering the barrier controlled area of Giles Lane car park, the camera will read your vehicle’s registration number (VRN). It will automatically open Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm if the vehicle is registered with a valid permit and for all cars at any other time, (see further information below).

If the vehicle is not registered with a valid permit, the driver will be required to press the buzzer and speak to Campus Security. Security will allow all drivers to enter the car park, but will inform the driver, they must exit the car park immediately.  If the vehicle has not left the car park within 10 minutes of entering through the barriers, Campus Security will be made aware. Visit our parking enforcement web page for further information.

At peak times the barrier will lift automatically for all vehicles to allow traffic flow. However, the registration number of vehicles that do not have a valid permit will be recorded and the barrier system will notify Campus Security. Whilst a vehicle may be allowed through the barrier, it is still the responsibility of the driver to ensure that they;

  • are parked within a marked bay at all times.
  • have activated the correct vehicle on their permit account, or have the correct permit displayed in their windscreen if they do not have a virtual permit for Giles Lane car park, Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm

The Giles Lane Project Team will be closely monitoring how the barriers are working. We welcome all feedback and ask you to complete our Giles Lane car park feedback form to enable us to understand your experiences and make improvement where possible.

Information for Permit Holders

Virtual parking permit holders

The virtual permit database will feed the vehicle that is marked as ‘active’ on each permit account to the ANPR barrier every 30 minutes. Hence why we are asking drivers to update their permit account with the vehicle they are parking at least 30 minutes before arriving on campus, where reasonably possible.

A driver with a valid virtual parking permit with the correct vehicle marked as ‘active’ on the permit account:

  • The barrier will automatically open. Please ensure you have updated your active vehicle to the one you are driving at least 30 minutes before arriving on campus. See our FAQ on how to switch your vehicle.

A driver who has a virtual daily voucher permits:

  • Please ensure you purchase your daily voucher at least 30 minutes before arriving on campus to guarantee automatic entry through the ANPR barrier.  If you are unable to do this for any reason and the barrier does not lift press the buzzer and talk to Campus Security to gain access into the car park.

A driver with a valid virtual parking permit but not in the vehicle marked as ‘active’ on the permit account: 

  • The driver may be required to press the buzzer and speak to Campus Security, outside of peak traffic flow times. Once you enter the car park and parked your vehicle you must update your permit account to ensure the correct vehicle is registered to park. See our FAQ on how to update your active vehicle.

Paper parking permit holders

Drivers that have a paper permit will still be required to clearly display a valid permit in the front windscreen of their vehicle. Your vehicle registration details will be uploaded onto the ANPR list once a week. This means you may not be able to enter Giles Lane car park automatically until 1 week after the permit has been issued.  In the meantime press the buzzer at the barriers to ask for access if the barriers do not lift.

Summer Unirider Bus Ticket

Staying on Campus or the local area over the Summer vacation?

Student Unirider tickets expire 16 June 2019.

The Summer Unirider is valid 17 June to 14 September 2019 and allows unlimited travel on all Stagecoach buses in Kent and East Sussex

The Summer Unirider costs only £80. The equivalent public price ticket would cost £279.

Purchase the Unirider ticket online from the Stagecoach website

Summer Unibus Timetable

The Unibuses run to a different timetable during the Summer vacation. The Summer timetable can be viewed online or in the Security and Transport Centre reception.

Campus Shuttle Running Dates

The last day the Campus Shuttle service will run this academic year will be Friday 14 June 2019. Thank you for travelling on the Shuttle service.

The Shuttle will start running Saturday 14 September 2019 for the start of Arrivals Weekend.

The free Campus Shuttle service between Medway and Canterbury campuses runs term-time only.

For more information visit the Campus Shuttle webpage

Parking and Road Updates

Student Centre (Sports Centre pink zone car park)from now until Wednesday 31 July

36 bays will be closed to assist with the building of the Student Centre (SPS and Biosciences), as requested by Estates Department.

Works to replace Tennis Centre (Pavilion car park) – from now until Tuesday 31 December

9 bays closed to assist with works to replace Tennis Centre, as requested by Estates Department.

Continuation of drainage works (Hothe Court) – from now until Friday 21 June

14 bay car park closed to assist with drainage work, as requested by Estates Department.

Reserved Coach Parking (Giles Lane car park) – Sunday 16 June – Friday 13 September

41 bays will be closed to assist with Coach Parking in the non-barrier access area of the Giles Lane car park, as requested by Conference Office and Enrolment Management Services.