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Stagecoach Price Changes

Buying Stagecoach’s dayrider and megarider tickets will soon be cheaper on the app.

From July 29, Stagecoach will be changing their pricing structure. You will be able to save up to 7.5% by buying all dayrider and megarider tickets in advance on the app, rather than in person on the bus. For example the Southeast dayrider will remain £7.00 on the bus, however, it will only be £6.80 through the app.

You can buy tickets up to three months in advance, then simply activate them on the days you wish to travel. Payment can be made securely with card, PayPal, Apple Pay, or Android Pay.

For a full list of the new dayrider and megarider tickets, please visit the Stagecoach bus app website, or, to download the app, go to the App store or Google Play.

For staff and students, however, the cheapest option is a bus pass. Students will be able to get the Unirider bus pass from September.

Staff are eligible for either the Canterbury or Southeast Megarider at a reduced rate. Using the Southeast Megarider, staff can travel around Kent and East Sussex for as little as £1.45 a day.

For more information, or to apply for a bus pass, please visit our Bus discount webpages.

Unibuses not serving bus stops along Parkwood Road

Unibuses will not be serving bus stops along Park Wood road from Monday 23 June to Tuesday 24 June. This is due to urgent repairs and cabling works which need to be carried out.

All car parks coming off Park Wood road will still be accessible and the alternative route will be signposted.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Summer unibus timetable and Summer Unirider bus ticket

Summer Unibus timetable

The Unibuses run to a different timetable during the summer vacation. The summer timetable can be viewed online (takes you to Stagecoach website) or in reception areas across campus.

Summer Unirider bus ticket

Staying on campus or the local area over the summer vacation? Student Unirider tickets expire 17 June 2018.

The Summer Unirider is valid 18 June to 15 September 2018 and allows unlimited travel on all Stagecoach buses in Kent and East Sussex.

Purchase the Summer Unirider for only £75. The equivalent public price ticket would cost £267.

Purchase the ticket online from the Stagecoach website: https://www.stagecoachbus.com/regionaltickets/south-east/canterbury/unirider


Stagecoach Summer Unirider and timetable

If you are on campus over summer, you can purchase the Student Summer Unirider ticket for £70 which is valid until the start of term.  The Unirider is valid for all Stagecoach buses in Kent and East Sussex as well as in Canterbury, so you can explore what the area has to offer.

From 18 June- 16 September 2017 a summer timetable will operate for the Uni1 and Uni2 buses to and from Canterbury campus. The 4 and Triangle services will continue to operate as normal. If you would like a physical timetable you can collect one from the Security and Transport Centre or from other reception areas on campus.

Summer Student Unirider Ticket available to purchase

All Unirider academic year bus tickets have now expired as the tickets are valid for the academic year only.

If you still want to get around the East Kent area easily and affordably check out the Summer Unirider ticket which is available to purchase online from Stagecoach.

The Summer Unirider ticket costs £70 and is valid until 18 September 2016.

Purchase your Summer Unirider ticket here (this link will take you to the Stagecoach website).

The Uni1 and Uni2 buses are currently running on a summer timetable. Learn more about the changes to the summer timetable and how to plan your journey here.