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Parking and Road Updates

Student Centre (Sports Centre pink zone car park)from now until Wednesday 31 July

36 bays will be closed to assist with the building of the Student Centre (SPS and Biosciences), as requested by Estates Department.

Works to replace Tennis Centre (Pavilion car park) – from now until Tuesday 31 December

9 bays closed to assist with works to replace Tennis Centre, as requested by Estates Department.

Continuation of drainage works (Hothe Court) – from now until Friday 21 June

14 bay car park closed to assist with drainage work, as requested by Estates Department.

Reserved Coach Parking (Giles Lane car park) – Sunday 16 June – Friday 13 September

41 bays will be closed to assist with Coach Parking in the non-barrier access area of the Giles Lane car park, as requested by Conference Office and Enrolment Management Services.


Car park and road maintenance works

Road and car park repairs are scheduled to commence on Monday 24 April. These maintenance works are expected to take approximately three days and cover the following areas:

  • Missing Link service road
  • Darwin road
  • Access road to Giles Lane car park
  • Sports Centre road
  • Eliot Service road and car park
  • University Road
  • Keynes car park

During this time all entrances to car parks will remain accessible. The work, which has been contracted by Estates, has not been scheduled near car park entrances during peak travel times to avoid disruption. Please see parking map for location of car parks and roads. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Transport Team

01227 82 3609  parking@kent.ac.uk   @unikent_travel   www.kent.ac.uk/transport

Estates Department, University of Kent, Park Wood Road, Canterbury, CT2 7NN