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Planning your Journey: during adverse weather

As the weather is beginning to get colder, it is important that you understand what to do during adverse weather. The Transport Team’s Travel During Adverse Weather page has been updated with relevant information to ensure you know what to do if adverse weather occurs.

The team have also created a Top tips to help you plan your journey in advance of travelling in snow, ice, high winds and torrential rain to ensure you are always prepared for travel disruption and are winter ready. In addition, the Transport Team’s Planning your Journey pages are updated regularly with useful journey planning tools and advice to assist you. Remember the weather can change at any time, you should be prepared for this before you start your journey.

Where possible the Transport Team will endeavour to keep the @unikent_travel twitter feed updated with all transport information and any travel disruptions on or around our campuses.


Ensure that you and your vehicle are prepared for driving in adverse weather conditions. Read some top tips to prepare for driving during the winter and don’t forget to plan your journey before you leave so you are aware of any disruptions.

Public transport, cycling and walking:

  • Plan your journey, check if there are problems on public transport or local roads
  • Delay your journey, if possible, to allow temperatures to rise and ice or snow to melt
  • Avoid footways in the shade. It takes longer for ice or snow to melt in the shade
  • Always wear appropriate footwear and reflective/bright clothing
  • Ensure that you have a torch or lights so motorists and others can see you when walking or cycling. Think Be Bright Be Seen.

Other Useful Links:

Highway Code Updates image

Changes to the Highway Code 2021

The rules in the Highway code are being updated for 2021 to improve road safety for cyclists, pedestrians and horse riders. There will be further changes made to the Code between September 2021 and February 2022.

It is vital to stay up to date with the Highway Code and it is easy to keep updated online:

  • GOV.UK provides a list of the latest Highway Code updates and let’s you see what has been amended. It also allows you to search for key words and phrases within The Highway Code,quickly move between related rules, follow links to the original laws that the rules are based on and print sections.
  • You can also sign up for email alerts and be notified whenever the Highway Code is being updated.
  • Follow @HighwayCodeGB on Twitter or Facebook for news of any updates and regular road safety reminders.
  • There is also the Official Highway Code app.

Cycling and pedestrian disruption- Kent Union Summer Ball

There will be some disruption to cycle and pedestrian access in the Eliot area for the annual Kent Union Summer Ball.

Saturday 3 June from 18.00 (6pm) to Sunday 4 June 03.00 (3am)

  • All walk ways through to Eliot and Locke building will be closed.
  • No access to the Eliot cycle shelters or cycle bays to the side of Marlowe. See hatched area on map for the cycle areas that are closed.

We strongly advise that you relocate your bicycle to a different cycle shelter before 17.30 on Saturday.

Wednesday 31 May to Saturday 3 June

There will be some disruptions while Kent Union set up the area for the ball, these are as follows:

  • Eliot car park will be closed all week. (This disruption has been sent to all permit holders, see blog post). However you can still access the bike shelters until 17.30 Saturday.
  • Eliot garden will be closed.
  • All walk ways will remain accessible until 18.00 Saturday (see above)
  • The taxi rank outside the Venue will be closed on Saturday from 18.00.
  • Rutherford car park will be closed on Saturday to create a temporary taxi rank for the event.