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Travel Safe and Be Seen

It is that time of year when the clocks go back (31st October), meaning the days are shorter and the nights are longer. It is now more likely you will be travelling during non-daylight hours.

Watch the films below and count how many people you can see at the beginning of each film and at the end of each film.

Who did you see first and why?

Whichever mode of transport you decide to use there are things you can do to make sure other road users can see you. This can range from wearing something that is bright and reflective, ensuring your vehicle is clean, your lights are working or simply using your torch.

Find more advice on our travel safety page.


Cycling and pedestrian disruption- Kent Union Summer Ball

There will be some disruption to cycle and pedestrian access in the Eliot area for the annual Kent Union Summer Ball.

Saturday 3 June from 18.00 (6pm) to Sunday 4 June 03.00 (3am)

  • All walk ways through to Eliot and Locke building will be closed.
  • No access to the Eliot cycle shelters or cycle bays to the side of Marlowe. See hatched area on map for the cycle areas that are closed.

We strongly advise that you relocate your bicycle to a different cycle shelter before 17.30 on Saturday.

Wednesday 31 May to Saturday 3 June

There will be some disruptions while Kent Union set up the area for the ball, these are as follows:

  • Eliot car park will be closed all week. (This disruption has been sent to all permit holders, see blog post). However you can still access the bike shelters until 17.30 Saturday.
  • Eliot garden will be closed.
  • All walk ways will remain accessible until 18.00 Saturday (see above)
  • The taxi rank outside the Venue will be closed on Saturday from 18.00.
  • Rutherford car park will be closed on Saturday to create a temporary taxi rank for the event.