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How gritting works

The University of Kent’s Landscape Management team are always up early and working hard to keep the campus safe and serviceable for all. During icy weather, they grit the campus roads and footpaths to reduce the risk of accidents to staff, students, and visitors.

What many people do not realise is, there is a fine art to gritting. Timing is everything. If you go too early, you waste the grit, because it lands on a dry road and is blown away by the displaced air as vehicles drive past. If it is raining heavily then it just washes away. Ideally the grit goes down on a damp surface and starts to stick, but if you are too late the surface is already frozen and the salt has to work harder to be effective but it will prevent big sheets of ice forming.

The salt is hygroscopic which means that it attracts moisture from the air and it only becomes activated when it is ‘trafficked’. When the grit is driven over the salt grinds down and mixes with the moisture it attracts and becomes the ideal brine, a salty water, which is when it is most effective.

Similar to how local authorities manage gritting, the Estates department will grit all University of Kent roads and main footpaths before starting on other areas across the campuses. Further information on the prioritised primary routes can be found on Goggle Maps.

For more information see the University’s Snow and Ice Policy.

wheel stop

Installation of wheel stops to Sports Centre Road

It had been noticed that the cars parking in Sports Centre Road were sometimes overhanging the footpath, restricting its width, especially where the path narrows around the tree outside of the Jennison building.

To try to help prevent this wheel stops made from 100% recycled rubber have been installed in 4 of the parking bays nearest to the tree.

If the wheel stops prove successful in keeping the footpath clear, especially for wheelchair users, we would like to extend the installation to the remaining bays on the Jennison side of the road.

We would be grateful to receive any feedback on this trial. Any comments can be sent to s.thomson@kent.ac.uk

Visitor Parking: P&D Machines

On Tuesday 6th April, the pay and display machines will be back in action having been updated with new contactless and pay by phone options available, as well as, the existing pay by coin option.

Pay and Display machine

Central Visitor and Sports Centre pay and display car parks are for visitors only. Staff and students are not permitted to park in these car parks from Monday to Friday, between 8am and 5pm. Staff and students parking on campus must ensure that they have purchased the relevant permit to park and are parked in a marked bay in a car park their permit is valid for.

Enforcement remains in operation and vehicles not parked correctly as per the regulations for the management of traffic may be issued with a parking charge notice.

For information on student permits to park on campus, please visit www.kent.ac.uk/transport/byroad/student


Car park disruptions Canterbury campus

Applicant days (Giles Lane car park)

Applicant day season is underway and so parking will be affected on these days. Applicant days are essential recruitment days for the university.

Spaces will be reserved in Giles Lane car park on the following days unless specified, as requested by Enrolment Management Services. Spaces are reserved based on the number of bookings. The number of reserved bays will be updated in the transport team events calendar once booking for the events have closed:

  • Thursday 25 January- 28 spaces
  • Saturday 27 January- 17 spaces (Sibson car park)
  • Wednesday 31 January- not yet known
  • Thursday 1 February- not yet known
  • Saturday 3 February- not yet known

Thursday 25 January- Home Stamp (Darwin car park)

21 bays will be reserved in Darwin car park for exhibitors to the Home Stamp event, as requested by Home Stamp, Kent Union.

Friday 26 January- University’s Court AGM (Giles Lane car park)

45 bays will be reserved in Giles Lane for VIP guests to the University’s Court annual general meeting, as requested by the Council Secretariat.

Present- Spring 2019- Construction of New Economics Building

Construction of the new Economics Building has commenced. The building is being constructed on the site of the now demolished Kent Research and Development Centre. Access to the construction site is via the Sibson car park, so please take extra care when passing through this area.