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How gritting works

The University of Kent’s Landscape Management team are always up early and working hard to keep the campus safe and serviceable for all. During icy weather, they grit the campus roads and footpaths to reduce the risk of accidents to staff, students, and visitors.

What many people do not realise is, there is a fine art to gritting. Timing is everything. If you go too early, you waste the grit, because it lands on a dry road and is blown away by the displaced air as vehicles drive past. If it is raining heavily then it just washes away. Ideally the grit goes down on a damp surface and starts to stick, but if you are too late the surface is already frozen and the salt has to work harder to be effective but it will prevent big sheets of ice forming.

The salt is hygroscopic which means that it attracts moisture from the air and it only becomes activated when it is ‘trafficked’. When the grit is driven over the salt grinds down and mixes with the moisture it attracts and becomes the ideal brine, a salty water, which is when it is most effective.

Similar to how local authorities manage gritting, the Estates department will grit all University of Kent roads and main footpaths before starting on other areas across the campuses. For more information see the University’s Snow and Ice Policy.

Giles Lane Car Park Barriers

On Wednesday 19 June the Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) barriers in Giles Lane car park will start operating. We will be tweeting updates on the morning of the 19th via the Transport Team twitter @unikent_travel. If you do not have a twitter account you can view our tweets on our news page.

As you arrive on Campus there are 2 electronic Vehicle Message Signs (VMS) located on Giles Lane. One by Giles Lane car park entrance for drivers approaching from St Stephens Hill and the other just before the Park Wood roundabout, for drivers approaching from University Road direction.

The VMS will work with the ANPR barriers, to show the number of available spaces within Giles Lane car park barrier controlled area. This information aims to assist drivers with making a decision on whether to enter this car park or divert to a different one.

When entering the barrier controlled area of Giles Lane car park, the camera will read your vehicle’s registration number (VRN). It will automatically open Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm if the vehicle is registered with a valid permit and for all cars at any other time, (see further information below).

If the vehicle is not registered with a valid permit, the driver will be required to press the buzzer and speak to Campus Security. Security will allow all drivers to enter the car park, but will inform the driver, they must exit the car park immediately.  If the vehicle has not left the car park within 10 minutes of entering through the barriers, Campus Security will be made aware. Visit our parking enforcement web page for further information.

At peak times the barrier will lift automatically for all vehicles to allow traffic flow. However, the registration number of vehicles that do not have a valid permit will be recorded and the barrier system will notify Campus Security. Whilst a vehicle may be allowed through the barrier, it is still the responsibility of the driver to ensure that they;

  • are parked within a marked bay at all times.
  • have activated the correct vehicle on their permit account, or have the correct permit displayed in their windscreen if they do not have a virtual permit for Giles Lane car park, Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm

The Giles Lane Project Team will be closely monitoring how the barriers are working. We welcome all feedback and ask you to complete our Giles Lane car park feedback form to enable us to understand your experiences and make improvement where possible.

Information for Permit Holders

Virtual parking permit holders

The virtual permit database will feed the vehicle that is marked as ‘active’ on each permit account to the ANPR barrier every 30 minutes. Hence why we are asking drivers to update their permit account with the vehicle they are parking at least 30 minutes before arriving on campus, where reasonably possible.

A driver with a valid virtual parking permit with the correct vehicle marked as ‘active’ on the permit account:

  • The barrier will automatically open. Please ensure you have updated your active vehicle to the one you are driving at least 30 minutes before arriving on campus. See our FAQ on how to switch your vehicle.

A driver who has a virtual daily voucher permits:

  • Please ensure you purchase your daily voucher at least 30 minutes before arriving on campus to guarantee automatic entry through the ANPR barrier.  If you are unable to do this for any reason and the barrier does not lift press the buzzer and talk to Campus Security to gain access into the car park.

A driver with a valid virtual parking permit but not in the vehicle marked as ‘active’ on the permit account: 

  • The driver may be required to press the buzzer and speak to Campus Security, outside of peak traffic flow times. Once you enter the car park and parked your vehicle you must update your permit account to ensure the correct vehicle is registered to park. See our FAQ on how to update your active vehicle.

Paper parking permit holders

Drivers that have a paper permit will still be required to clearly display a valid permit in the front windscreen of their vehicle. Your vehicle registration details will be uploaded onto the ANPR list once a week. This means you may not be able to enter Giles Lane car park automatically until 1 week after the permit has been issued.  In the meantime press the buzzer at the barriers to ask for access if the barriers do not lift.

Giles Lane Update- 24 July 2018

The works in the Giles Lane car park are progressing well. The pink zone is in the process of being levelled and drainage and data cable routes are being dug.  100% of the waste produced by the works is being sent outside of the University to be recycled.

Overflow parking

To enable us to provide sufficient parking for everyone, we are working in partnership with Kent Sport to have overflow parking available once the bays in the Park Wood car parks are full. There are two over flow car parks, both accessed via Park Wood Road:

  • The first overflow car park is situated around the edge of the sports pitch next to the Sports Pavilion. It is for the use of staff and student permit holders, as well as University Visitors issued with an e permit.
  • The second overflow car park is situated around the edge of the Sports Field at the top of Park Wood Road next to the Oaks car park. This is for the use of permit holders. It will also be used by the Contractors working in the Park Wood Courts areas.

Both overflow car parks are signposted on Park Wood Road. Please ensure all your visitors issued with an e-permit are aware that parking is busy on campus at the moment and notify them of all the parking areas. Details on visitor parking are on our web pages. If you are planning an event on campus over the summer which will require parking for visitors please contact the Transport team as soon as possible to discuss your requirements.

The use of the overflow car parks is weather dependent.   We will keep you updated via Transport News on our website and our twitter page (@unikent_travel) if there are any changes to this.

If there are no car parking spaces available in the overflow car park, please try the Park Wood courts.  Our interactive parking map shows all the car parks on campus, with information on the number of bays in each area.

If you are struggling to find a parking space, please call Campus Security (01227 823300) who may be able to look on the CCTV and advise you where parking is available.

25 July – 8 August 2018

There will be a large number of families staying in the Park Wood Courts accommodation over this period.  Please take extra care and drive slowly in Park Wood as there will be children running around and playing in this area, including on the roadways.  Please note that the speed limit on Park Wood Road itself is a maximum of 20 miles per hour.

During this period the Oaks car park will be reopened to staff, student and visitor permit holders. We will continue to assess whether this area is needed for coach and minibus parking and will advise accordingly.

Car Park Disruptions- Canterbury and Medway campuses

Canterbury Campus

Giles Lane car park closure (Giles Lane car park, Canterbury)

  • Monday 9 July – September – Giles Lane car park is closed over the summer for essential maintenance and improvement works to take place. This closure has been requested by the Estates Department. For more information see our Giles Lane car park changes webpage.

Canterbury Retreat (Purchase Court 1-16 car park, Canterbury)

  • Monday 22 July- Sunday 9 August–  Purchase Court 1-16 car park will be closed for the Canterbury retreat. This closure has been requested by the Conference Office.

Oaks Coach and Minibus park (Oaks Car Park, Canterbury)

  • Wednesday 25 July- Oaks car park will reopen to permit holders whilst the Canterbury retreat is in Parkwood. After 8 August, we will continue to assess whether this area is needed for coach and minibus parking and advise accordingly.

Rothford car park closure (Rothford car park, Canterbury)

  • Sunday 5 August –Thursday 9 August– Rear of Rothford car park closed to dismantle the UPP compound and reopen the bays in this area. This closure has been requested by UPP.

Medway campus

There are no known car park disruptions to Medway campus for the next two weeks. Any disruptions that we are made aware of will be updated on the transport events calendar.

Winter vacation parking and road disruptions

20- 22 December 2017- Giles Lane traffic control

We have been informed by Kent County Council that there will be two way traffic control on Giles Lane outside the Colyer Fergusson building for works to be completed by South Eastern Power Networks.

Christmas road closures (Canterbury and Medway campuses)

To preserve the private road status of Park Wood Road, University Road, Darwin Road and Library Road, these roads will be closed from 8.00 Monday 25 December until 8.00 Tuesday 26 December.

Similarly, Chatham Historic Dockyard Trust are closing Pembroke Gate North Road from 22.00 Sunday 24 December to 22.00 Monday 25 December.

General parking during the winter vacation

You may park within a marked bay without displaying a permit during the University shut down (midday 21 December 2017 to 2 January 2018) as the Transport Team will be unavailable to provide parking permits.

Canterbury car park and road disruptions

6-22 August – Marley Court car park closure (within Park Wood)

To assist with Kent Hospitality Canterbury Retreat, the Marley Court car park will be closed from 6-22 August inclusive.

7 August- 9 September – Keynes car park accessible bays

2 accessible bays in Keynes car park (near enclosed cycle shelter) will be unavailable due to building works, for approximately 4 weeks as requested by Estates. Please contact the Transport Team if you are concerned about the temporary closure of these accessible bays so we can assist you. The other 4 accessible bays in Keynes car park will still be available.

18 August – Tyler Court car park

Approximately 15 bays will be closed in the morning so Grounds Maintenance, Estates, can carry out hedge cutting. The bays should be reopened by 12.30.

17-25 August- Giles Lane road closure (overnight) – Kent Highways

Large sections of Giles Lane will be closed overnight (19.00-05.00) for 5 consecutive week nights for resurfacing and relining works by Kent Highways. This work is being carried out overnight to reduce disruption but may be noisy.

A diversion will be in place. We have been informed that access to a point within the closure will be available if legitimately needed. Access required to get out of the car parks after 19.00 via Giles Lane will also be available. Emergency access will be maintained throughout.

Present- 15 September- Giles lane car park (section on right hand side as you drive in located behind Woolf)

The section of Giles Lane blue zone car park located behind Woolf College remains closed for the coach and minibus park to assist Kent Hospitality, Enrolment Management Services and Partnership Development Office with conference guests and school visits. This is approximately 40 bays.

Present – May 2018 – Woodys car park

Approximately 15 parking bays outside Woodys (Park Wood Courts car park) will be closed until building works on the Woodys area is complete. The works are due for completion in May 2018. This project will mean a loss of car parking bays within this area. However, the majority of bays will be reinstated to the rear of Park Wood Admin and a couple will be reinstated within other Park Wood car parks. Improvements to pedestrian and cycle ways will be incorporated as part of this project.

Transport Team

01227 82 3609 TransportTeam@kent.ac.uk @unikent_travel www.kent.ac.uk/transport

Security & Transport Centre, University of Kent, Canterbury, CT2 7NQ

Pelican Crossing next to Woolf College on Giles Lane

Some drivers attending the University are parking in a layby that belongs to Kent Highways.  This layby is for the use of Kent Highways only for maintaining the crossing.

People parking in this layby, on a constant basis, is a cause for concern as their vehicles potentially restrict driver vision of any pedestrians at the crossing.

Giles Lane is a public highway and is enforced by Canterbury City Council Enforcement Team. Warnings have already been issued to some drivers but as parking in this area continues, it is highly likely that Penalty Charge Notices will now be issued.

A Penalty Charge Notice issued by Canterbury City Council to a vehicle in violation on Giles Lane will be charged at £70 (reduced to £35 if paid within 14 days).

As the University is concerned about pedestrian safety when using this crossing, the Director of Estates will enforce the University Regulations for the Management of Traffic, which clearly state:

-1.10 Staff and students must not park on public or private roads adjacent to the University except where this is allowed under the Road Traffic Acts or in circumstances where the normal statutory requirements may be temporarily set aside (e.g. in the case of an emergency)

-4.1.9 Persistent or flagrant breaches of these Regulations may incur

a) increased charges,

b) denial of a permit to park and/or

c) further proceedings under the appropriate disciplinary regulations

d) referral to the University Credit Control Office

Please note we are recording details of any vehicle which is parked in this area and passing this information on to the Director of Estates.

Parking on Giles Lane by crossing

If you are parking in the area shown in the photograph, located next to the Woolf pelican crossing on Giles Lane, you may be issued with a Parking Notice from Canterbury City Council. This area is part of the public highway and is therefore enforced by Canterbury City Council Parking Enforcement Team.

We understand the area is sometimes used by Kent Highway service vehicles and is not a designated parking area.  Parking in this area is a cause for concern as vehicles parked here could potentially restrict vision to drivers on Giles Lane of pedestrians at the crossing.

Please only park in marked bays on campus in the area which your permit or parking ticket is valid for.

Transport Team

01227 82 3609  parking@kent.ac.uk   @unikent_travel   www.kent.ac.uk/transport

Estates Department, University of Kent, Park Wood Road, Canterbury, CT2 7NN

Party in the Car Park- car park update

Following Kent Union’s Party in the Car Park, Giles Lane Blue Zone car park is now reopened.

  • The small Blue Zone parking area to the right when entering the car park (approximately 40 bays behind Woolf College) will remain closed until equipment has been removed
  • 8 Blue Zone bays are closed due to a spillage. These bays are being cleaned in accordance with university procedures

Giles Lane Pink Zone car park remains closed

Giles Lane Pink Zone remains closed today until a porta cabin has been removed. Once the porta cabin has been removed the car park will be fully opened.

We aim to have Giles Lane Pink and Blue zone car parks fully opened tomorrow. Thank you for your cooperation.

14:45 update

Giles Lane Pink Zone is now open with the exception of some bays which are closed to allow for the removal of the portacabin.