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Pelican Crossing next to Woolf College on Giles Lane

Some drivers attending the University are parking in a layby that belongs to Kent Highways.  This layby is for the use of Kent Highways only for maintaining the crossing.

People parking in this layby, on a constant basis, is a cause for concern as their vehicles potentially restrict driver vision of any pedestrians at the crossing.

Giles Lane is a public highway and is enforced by Canterbury City Council Enforcement Team. Warnings have already been issued to some drivers but as parking in this area continues, it is highly likely that Penalty Charge Notices will now be issued.

A Penalty Charge Notice issued by Canterbury City Council to a vehicle in violation on Giles Lane will be charged at £70 (reduced to £35 if paid within 14 days).

As the University is concerned about pedestrian safety when using this crossing, the Director of Estates will enforce the University Regulations for the Management of Traffic, which clearly state:

-1.10 Staff and students must not park on public or private roads adjacent to the University except where this is allowed under the Road Traffic Acts or in circumstances where the normal statutory requirements may be temporarily set aside (e.g. in the case of an emergency)

-4.1.9 Persistent or flagrant breaches of these Regulations may incur

a) increased charges,

b) denial of a permit to park and/or

c) further proceedings under the appropriate disciplinary regulations

d) referral to the University Credit Control Office

Please note we are recording details of any vehicle which is parked in this area and passing this information on to the Director of Estates.