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Thank you for your patience during adverse weather

We would like to thank you all for your patience and understanding during the recent adverse weather disruptions to travel and parking at the University.

We would also like to thank everyone who tried to keep the University operational, particularly Grounds Maintenance, Campus Security and the FM Team at Medway for helping with snow clearance.

If there is further adverse weather predicted, please check our planning your journey webpage and follow @unikent_travel and @CampusShuttle on twitter to keep up to date.

Large applicant day parking disruption cancelled and adverse weather

There is a large applicant day at Canterbury campus on Wednesday 28 February, as noted in the transport team newsletter, which is sent out every two weeks. 167 spaces will be reserved in Giles Lane car park, as requested by Enrolment Management Services. Where reasonable, you may want to consider alternative means of travel to and from campus, or allow more time for your journey.

Update: The large applicant day has been postponed due to adverse weather. Therefore the parking bays will no longer be reserved or this event.

As snow is forecast for this week, please take extra care and check with your travel provider before you travel. Our planning your journey webpage helps you plan your travel and provides useful links to check the status of your travel routes to and from campus.

Follow @unikent_travel on twitter for transport updates. The twitter feed can be viewed on the planning your journey webpage.

Understanding Gritting

Timing is everything. If you go too early, you waste it, because it lands on a dry road and is blown away by the displaced air as vehicles drive past. If it is raining heavily (like yesterday afternoon) then it just washes away. Ideally it goes down on a damp surface and starts to stick, but if you are too late the surface is already frozen and the salt has to work harder to be effective but will prevent big sheets of ice forming.

The salt is hygroscopic which means that it attracts moisture from the air and it only becomes activated when it’s ‘trafficked’. So when it’s driven over the salt grinds down and mixes with the moisture it attracts and becomes the ideal brine, a salty water, which is when it is most effective.

Estates staff have all been working hard to ensure that the University can continue to operate during these adverse weather conditions. Please be aware that Canterbury campus is over 300 acres and has many walkways, steps, roads, car parks, accessible ramps and cycle routes. Similar to how local authorities manage gritting, we grit these areas according to their priority as not all areas can be covered at all times.

We would like to thank Grounds Maintenance at Canterbury campus and FM team at Medway campus for being on site last night and the early hours of this morning to make sure the priority roads and footpaths are gritted.

Snow and ice- Canterbury and Medway campuses

At Canterbury campus Grounds Maintenance, Estates, have gritted priority roads, pathways and car parks throughout the night and this morning.

At Medway campus gritting contractors and the Estates FM team have gritted priority roads, pathways and car parks this morning. Access roads to Dockyard buildings are clear as Chatham Historic Dockyard Trust have gritted the roads onsite overnight and the Estates FM team have gritted the entrance to the buildings this morning.

Please drive carefully and take extra precautions when walking to and from your vehicle and around campus as some areas may still be slippery.

We recommend you check traffic news or your transport provider for travel updates during this adverse weather. Visit www.kent.ac.uk/transport/planning  for useful links to transport (and road) twitter accounts and service updates webpages.

We are also trying to tweet some travel updates from our @unikent_travel twitter account, which can also be viewed online at www.kent.ac.uk/transport/news