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Changes to the Campus Shuttle- have your say!

The University are making some changes to the Campus Shuttle service. We need your feedback to help us make these decisions.

If you are a user of the free shuttle service between Canterbury and Medway campuses, please select the link below to complete our survey. The results of the survey will be presented to the University’s senior managers so make sure you have your say.

Complete the Campus Shuttle survey

The survey should take around 5 minutes to complete. The deadline for the survey is 9 December 2018 (23.59).

Book to guarantee your seat on the Campus Shuttle

Book online to guarantee a seat on the shuttle service. We recommend booking a seat, particularly when you have an exam.

Please note the shuttle runs a different timetable for the weekend so make sure you check and plan your journey before you travel if you have a weekend exam.

If you do not book a seat you can still travel on the service by showing your KentOne card as long as seats are available.

Book a seat at www.kent.ac.uk/campus-shuttle

Stagecoach winter vacation timetable

Buses serving the University of Kent will run a winter vacation timetable from 17 December 2017 to 13 January 2018.

Uni1 – special timetable.

Uni2 – special timetable between 18 December and 31 December only (no Uni2 buses will run between 1 January and 13 January).

Route 4 – normal timetable except 25 December, 26 December and 1 January.

Triangle – normal timetable except 25 December, 26 December and 1 January.

Christmas Day – no buses.

Boxing Day – no buses.

New Year’s Day – no buses

You can pick up a physical copy of the winter vacation timetable from Security and Transport Centre, reception areas on campus or Canterbury bus station. You can also view the winter vacation timetable at Keynes and Darwin bus stops.

Follow @StagecoachSE on Twitter for regular service updates, or view live bus times on the Stagecoach app for iPhone and android.

Changes to 4/6 timetable

Please see new route 4 timetable and route 6 timetable.

We have received some emails from members of staff with concerns regarding the changes to the 4/6 route bus timetables which comes into place on Monday 12 December 2016.

We have contacted Stagecoach and received the following response explaining the change in the service:

Except for some early morning journeys, this route will no longer run via Tankerton Circus or Swalecliffe. This is as a result of feedback from residents and representations from local councillors in Tankerton, which meant that an alternative solution needed to be found that preserved the link between Herne Bay, Greenhill, Whitstable Rail Station and Estuary View Medical Centre. Consequently from Whitstable Station, buses will continue every hour via Church Street, Ham Shades Lane, Foxgrove Road and the Old Thanet Way towards Greenhill. After Greenhill most buses will continue to/from Herne Bay as route 6 bus.

There is a revised timetable with some journeys running up to 5 minutes earlier. The current 0759 journey from Tanterton Priest & Sow (0812 from Whitstable Harbour Street) will no longer run due to low usage. Passengers who previously travelled to the University at this time can use the Triangle from Priest & Sow Corner at 0756 and change at the Cherry Garden Road bus stop in Canterbury to one of the frequent buses to the University.”

For more information on these changes visit the Stagecoach service updates webpage.

Transport Team

01227 82 3609   transport@kent.ac.uk   @unikent_travel   www.kent.ac.uk/transport

Estates Department, University of Kent, Park Wood Road, Canterbury, CT2 7NN

Transport Updates: @unikent_travel   Transport News Blog

Christmas bus timetables- Stagecoach

  • There will be a special Uni1 timetable between 19 December 2016 and 14 January 2017
  • There will be no Uni2 buses running during this time
  • Route 4 and Triangle* buses will continue to run to usual timetable with the exception of 25, 26, 27 December 2016 and 1 and 2 January 2017


The University and Stagecoach have listened to last year’s feedback to improve the 2016/17 Christmas timetable. This year the following changes are in place for the Uni1 service which is running Monday to Saturday:


  • The 8:10 will continue to operate from Canterbury bus station to campus as usual
  • Buses will continue to run to and from both Darwin and Keynes as usual
  • The Keynes times have been adjusted to allow more time for you to reach the Keynes bus stop, for example changing the times from 17:05 to 17:10


The timetables are linked above. You can also pick up a physical copy of the special Uni1 timetable from reception areas around campus and at the Travel Shop located at Canterbury bus station.

Don’t forget to check out the new Stagecoach bus app which is free to download for iPhone and Android. You can plan your journey, check live bus times and even purchase mobile tickets on the app.

Transport Team

01227 82 3609   transport@kent.ac.uk   @unikent_travel   www.kent.ac.uk/transport

Estates Department, University of Kent, Park Wood Road, Canterbury, CT2 7NN

*use this timetable to refer to Triangle and 4 services only. See special timetable for Uni1 service


Changes to Stagecoach bus routes

From 29 May 2016:

  • The current ‘Triangle’ timetable (4/4A/4X and 6/6A/6X) will become two separate timetables. One timetable for the 4 and 6 services, and one timetable for the new Triangle service.
  • The new Triangle service will operate with brand new double decker buses with free Wi-Fi and USB charging points as well as special local designs for Whitstable, Herne Bay and Canterbury displayed on the new buses.
  • Route 36 buses serving University of Kent will be replaced with the new route 4 buses. See timetable below.
  • Triangle (NEW) – the new Triangle will run a direct route between Canterbury > Whitstable > Herne Bay > Canterbury every 15 minutes in each direction, during the daytime Mondays to Saturdays. During the evening and on Sundays, the Triangle will run as the existing 4/6 timetables, with journeys via University of Kent, Greenhill and Broomfield.
  • Route 6 (NEW) – the new route 6 will run from Canterbury to Tankerton via Broomfield, Herne Bay and Greenhill every 30 minutes during the daytime Mondays to Saturdays. Buses will continue beyond Tankerton towards Whitstable and Estuary View Medical Centre but will be numbered route 4, passengers can stay on the bus.
  • Route 4 (NEW)  – the new route 4 will run from Canterbury to Tankerton Priest & Sow via University of Kent, Estuary View, Whitstable High Street and Whitstable Station every 30 minutes during the daytime Mondays to Saturdays. Buses will continue beyond Tankerton towards Green Hill and Herne Bay but will be numbered route 6, passengers can stay on the bus. Buses towards Canterbury will call into Whitstable Station Forecourt.

For full details of the changes see here .