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E-scooter on campus

Powered Transport: Electric Scooters


We have noticed that there has been an increase in the number of private electric scooters using University of Kent land.

We would like to remind everyone:

  • All Powered Transporters (including e-scooters) are illegal to use on the public highway, except those that are part of the trial of the Department for Transport’s rental e-scooters scheme (also recognised as a Powered Transporter).
  • The University of Kent does not give permission for any person to use a Powered Transporter (this includes e-Scooters) on its land, with exception of the Department for Transport rental E-scooters scheme, which here in Canterbury the Kent County Council have contracted to the company BIRD and those that are used to help individuals with restricted mobility.

We have also recently updated the University Regulations for the Management of Traffic to encompass the term ‘Powered Transporters’ and the sanctions that apply.

If you have a personal e-scooter please do not bring this to campus, to ensure that you are not using it illegally or in contravention of the University of Kent Regulations of the Management of Traffic and/or campus accommodation contracts.

University of Kent are pleased to be supporting the Department for Transport and Kent County Council E-Scooter rental trial scheme; to help establish if E-scooters could become a new legal form of greener transport in the UK, similar to e-bikes, in the future. During the rental trial period, however, e-scooters will continue to be classed as motor vehicles, meaning requirements to have insurance and the correct type of driving licence will continue to apply for those that are using BIRD e scooters.

The Bird rental E-Scooters are all GPS connected and the speed can be set remotely depending on where they are. Visit our Commute Smarter page to find out more on how and where you can use the Bird E-scooters.

28 January 2022: The words ‘and those that are used to help individuals with restricted mobility.’ were removed to avoid any confusion that may lead to a person misreading the article to suggest that Mobility Scooters and Wheelchairs are classed as ‘Powered Transporters’,

Visitor Parking: P&D Machines

On Tuesday 6th April, the pay and display machines will be back in action having been updated with new contactless and pay by phone options available, as well as, the existing pay by coin option.

Pay and Display machine

Central Visitor and Sports Centre pay and display car parks are for visitors only. Staff and students are not permitted to park in these car parks from Monday to Friday, between 8am and 5pm. Staff and students parking on campus must ensure that they have purchased the relevant permit to park and are parked in a marked bay in a car park their permit is valid for.

Enforcement remains in operation and vehicles not parked correctly as per the regulations for the management of traffic may be issued with a parking charge notice.

For information on student permits to park on campus, please visit www.kent.ac.uk/transport/byroad/student


Parking disruptions- Canterbury and Medway

Applicant Days

Applicant Days are coming to a close. Thank you for your patience while these essential recruitment events take place.

There are two further Canterbury Applicant Days for late applicants and those who could not get to previous Applicant Days due to the adverse weather. Spaces will be reserved in Giles Lane car park on the following days unless specified, as requested by Enrolment Management Services. The number of reserved bays will be updated in the transport team events calendar once confirmed:

  • Monday 23 April – to be updated
  • Thursday 17 May- to be updated

Outreach event (Giles Lane car park behind Woolf, Canterbury)

  • Wednesday 18 April- The area of Giles Lane car park behind Woolf will be reserved for minibuses and coaches for a History outreach event, as requested by the Partnership Development Office. This is approximately 40 bays.

Kent Sport Games event (Sports Centre blue zone car park, Canterbury)

  • Thursday 26 April- 24 bays will be reserved for Kent School Games Satellite Club competition, as requested by Kent Sport.

Gulbenkian performance (Giles Lane car park, Canterbury)

  •  Tuesday 1 May- Friday 4 May- Up to 20 bays will be reserved each day for a Gulbenkian performance, as requested by the Gulbenkian. The number of reserved bays will be adjusted each day.

Medway campus

There are no known disruptions to parking at Medway campus over the next two weeks. Any disruptions that we are made aware of will be updated on the transport events calendar

Parking enforcement

We would like to remind you that parking enforcement is in operation outside of term-time. A valid parking permit or pay and display parking ticket must be displayed 8.00-17.00 Monday to Friday, as per the Traffic Regulations.