Giles Lane car park update- 22 August 2018

Work on Giles Lane car park has been progressing well. The car park is now lined and low level fences have been installed.

We are waiting for the Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) barriers to be delivered and installed and to receive the associated ANPR software.

Giles Lane car park will be reopened (without the ANPR barriers) this weekend to assist with bOing festival. Final adjustments may be required in the car park following bOing, so the car park will be officially open to pink permit holders from Wednesday 29 August. Temporary signage will be in place.

The design of the car park is two lanes of traffic in and out. The design of the car park directs drivers in a zig zag format around the car park to manage the one-way traffic flow. Please see image of design.

The overflow car park will be closed once Giles Lane car park reopens.