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New Publication: Linsey Robb and Juliette Pattinson (eds.), Men, Masculinities and Male Culture in the Second World War

Men, Masculinities and Male Culture in the Second World War.

In this new edited volume, Linsey Robb (Northumbria University) and Juliette Pattinson (Head of the School of History at the University of Kent) bring together collected essays exploring British masculinities and male culture during the Second World War. Focusing on combatants, prisoners of war, and civilians, the volume tracks the gendering of war through its varied male experience. The volume also considers how male culture and masculinities of war have been represented and remembered in the post-war period; locating the significance of the conflict in a broader historical timeframe.

The volume will be of relevance to academics and students with interests in; Britain in the Second World War; socio-cultural histories of war; gender histories of war; media and representations of war; post-war legacies and remembrance.


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