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New Publication: David Welch, World War II Propaganda: Analyzing the Art of Persuasion during Wartime

World War II Propaganda: Analyzing the Art of Persuasion during Wartime.

Published in 2017 by David Welch (Professor Emeritus and founder of the Centre for War, Propaganda and Society at the University of Kent), World War II Propaganda explores many of the key themes of the Second World War through primary source material. Examples of propaganda disseminated by both Axis and Allied nations are considered, contextualised by accompanying analysis. Breaking free of Euro-centric confines, the book considers wartime propaganda initiatives in a variety of national contexts; including the US and Japan. In this sense, the book offers a succinct and comprehensive guide to the propaganda war waged across the globe.

This book will be essential reading for academics, and particularly students, with interests in; the Second World War; war and propaganda; persuasion and governance in wartime; visual culture


“This book is recommended for public and academic libraries with patrons interested in the total conflict that was the Second World War and methods of persuasion.”—Booklist

“A readable overview of different types and functions of propaganda. . . . Discussion of untrue morale-busting pamphlets used by several factions is especially fascinating. VERDICT World War II and ways in which the media alter attitudes are of enduring interest to readers.”—Library Journal

“[A] very useful purchase. . . . Summing Up: Highly recommended. All larger public and academic levels/libraries.”—Choice

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