ESRC seminars: Changing parenting culture

A seminar series investigating ‘Changing Parenting Culture’, funded by the ESRC, and organised as follows:

Seminar 1, January 2009, From child-rearing to ‘parenting’: what’s new about contemporary parenting culture?

Seminar 2, April 2009, Gender and parenting culture: Intensive fatherhood?

Seminar 3, September 2009, Child-rearing in a risk society

Seminar 4, February 2010, Parenting culture and the problem of policy

Our conference ‘Pregnancy and Pregnancy-planning in the new Parenting Culture’ held in June 2010 in conjunction with the Centre for Law, Gender and Sexuality at the University of Kent, doubled as the 5th seminar in our ESRC series:

Seminar 5, June 2010, Pregnancy and Pregnancy Planning in the New Parenting Culture

The background to this series is available here

The aims and objectives are available here

Participants are listed here

Press coverage is here

The final report for the series is here

The organisers for the series were Ellie Lee, Geraldine Brady, Jennie Bristow, Esther Dermott, Charlotte Faircloth, Frank Furedi, Emma Head, Lesley Hoggart, Pam Lowe, Jan Macvarish, Janice McLaughlin. You can read more about them here.

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