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Panel 5
Amy Murphy, School of Psychology, University of Kent, Sexist ideology and the regulation of pregnancy
Stephanie Knaak, Alberta, Canada, Medical Paternalism, Risk Averse Parenting, and the Moral Straight-jacketing of Maternal Behaviour: Unpacking the „no drinking during pregnancy‟ rule

Francesca Nicola, Milano-Bicocca University Milan, “They are here to teach us”: The case of Indigo children as a new parenting culture

Panel 6
Mary Ann Kanieski, Saint Mary’s College, “They Can‟t Help It; It‟s How They Were Raised”: Constructing the Ideal Parent
Luc Van den Berge, K.U.Leuven Laboratory for Education and Society, Belgium, (Neuro)psychology as a basis for parenting support: an impoverished conception of care
Heather Piper, Institute of Education, Manchester Metropolitan University, Sports coaching or parenting: a contradiction in practice
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