Selected readings and resources on generations

The generations network is developing a selection of interdisciplinary readings and resources relevant to our understanding of the concept of generations, and the way this concept is deployed in policy discussions.

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Generations United 

Generations Working Together 

Intergenerational Centre 

International Longevity Centre (2017) When I’m 64 – The ILC-UK factpack on retirement transitions.

International Longevity Centre (2019) A different age: A snapshot of diverse later lives.

Kingstone, H. and Broughton, T. (2019) ‘Victoria’s Victorians and the Idea of Generation’, Journal of Victorian Culture, 24 (3)

Kingstone, H. and Broughton, T. (2019) ‘The Generation Born in 1819’, Journal of Victorian Culture, 24 (4)

BBC Radio 4 (2 March 2020) ‘OK, Boomer!’ Discussion of generations and generational conflict featuring Helen Kingstone and Jennie Bristow

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France, A. and Roberts, S. (2015) ‘The problem of social generations: a critique of the new emerging orthodoxy in youth studies’, Journal of Youth Studies, 18(2), pp.215-230.

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