CPCS press coverage in 2010

Sex offenders including paedophones should be allowed to adopt, Theresa May told‘ (report by Helen Reece) 15.12.10

Woman’s Hour, ‘Should former sex offenders be allowed to adopt children?’ (with Helen Reece) 1.12.10

Let sex offenders adopt and work with children, says report’ (by Helen Reece) 30.11.10

Impact, but on our terms’, by Ellie Lee 28.10.10

Why is policy obsessed with teenage pregnancy?’, by Jan Macvarish 22.10.10

Bringing Up Britain’ (with Jennie Bristow) 16.10.10

The myth of male postnatal depression’, by Ellie Lee 4.10.10

Bringing up baby is not an exact science, by Jennie Bristow 28.9.10

Review of Final ESRC conference, ‘Extending parenting backwards’ in Abortion Review: 19.7.10

Report calls for end to Vetting and Barring Scheme‘. An updated edition of Licensed to Hug by Professor Frank Furedi and Jennie Bristow has just been published. 27.9.10

Call to scrap child contact vetting system‘ 27.9.10

Have today’s young people been dealt a bad hand by the older generation?‘ Shiv Malik, one of the authors of Jilted Generation: How Britain has Bankrupted Its Youth, and sociologist Professor Frank Furedi debate the battle of the generations. 28.8.10

How will Cameron fare?‘ (with comment from Ellie Lee) 24.8.10

‘Let the breastfeeding rebellion begin’ The Guardian (with comment from Ellie Lee) 18.7.10

What’s wrong with feeding your baby formula?‘ 11.7.10

Zoe Williams, For Americans, Courts do far more than just test the law 23.6.10

Woman’s Hour, ‘Alcohol and Pregnancy‘, with Professor Janet Golden and Dr Ellie Lee (scroll to Item 4) 22.6.10

Have we created too many rules for pregnancy?‘ 17.6.10

BBC News online, More and more rules’ on pregnancy 17.6.10

Post-natal depression in fathers ‘often undiagnosed’’ 18.5.10

For trusting my daughter, I was treated as a criminal’, by Nancy McDermott 12.5.10

Helicopter Parenting – What is it and Where Does it Come From?’, by Stephanie Knaak 14.4.10

Carol Midgely ‘The Tories’ sexed-up dossier misses the point’The Times (£) 18.2.10

Zoe Williams ‘Never mind the data. Teen parents just must be bad’The Guardian (with comment on Jan Macvarish’s work) 17.2.10

Frank Furedi ‘Poor parenting “blamed for all”‘BBC News 16.2.10

Jennie Bristow  ‘The great myth of me-time’The Times (£) 16.2.10

Frank Furedi ‘Rescuing adult authority in the twenty-first century’ spiked 15.2.10

‘The middle classes can learn a lot from teenage parents’The Guardian 14.2.10

‘Teenage pregnancy more opportunity than catastrophe, says study’The Guardian 12.2.10 (commenting on Jan Macvarish’s work)

‘Giving new life to the role of the father’ BBC News (with comment from Ellie Lee) 20.1.10