Media Comment

The conference has generated much media discussion over the past weeks. Read on below for coverage in British newspapers, Blogs and on BBC radio.

9 October 2011: Keynote speaker Raymond Tallis featured in The Chronicle.

3 October 2011: Jennifer Howze takes the conference themes to the New York Times.

2 October 2011:  If you can read Hebrew, you can read coverage of the conference in the Israeli daily newspaper, ‘Haaretz’.

1 October 2011: Stephanie Knaak asks ‘Who’s to blame making parents paranoid?’ in the Boston Globe.

12 September 2011:  You can now watch Ellie Lee debating Oliver James on BBC’s Newsnight, the night before the conference.

20 September 2011:  Coverage of the conference in Nursery World.

19 September 2011: Jennie Bristow offers a comprehensive write-up of the conference in her Spiked Essay on ‘Parenting and junk neuroscience’.

17 September 2011: Zoe Williams in the Guardian – ‘Come back ‘Superwoman’: the lost ideal of combining motherhood and work’

17 September 2011: Marianne Kavanagh on ParentDish – ‘Are you a guilty parent? Time to ignore the endless bossy studies’.

17 September 2011:  The Times slightly misses the point in article suggesting that actually, the LATER years are more significant….

16 September 2011: Read Jennie Bristow’s Huffington Post article attacking the ‘science tells us’ claims of family policy-makers.

13 September 2011: Dr Stuart Derbyshire debates Samantha Callan of the Centre for Social Justice on BBC Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour. ‘The First Three Years – How critical are they?’

13 September 2011: Ellie Lee responds to Dr Aric Sigman’s study suggesting that daycare damages children on the Working Mums Blog.

12 September 2011: Working Mums online magazine previews the conference: ‘The parenting blame game’

11 September 2011: The Guardian’s Zoe Williams debates with Guardian readers the significance of parenting to the riots.

11 September 2011: The Observer highlights the key issues of the conference. The Observer article was also picked up by Canadian resources and ChildUp

31 August 2011: Final press release for ‘Monitoring Parents: science, evidence experts and the new parenting culture’.

23 June 2011: Press notice for ‘Monitoring Parents: science, evidence, experts and the new parenting culture.’

4 July 2011: Dr Ellie Lee responds to Graham Allen and Iain Duncan-Smith’s announcement on Early Intervention policy.  ‘University of Kent sociologist says early intervention plans are prejudice about parents masquerading as evidence’

4 July 2011: Ellie Lee’s comment on Early Intervention policy reported in Nursery World.



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