CPCS at the Battle of Ideas

CPCS has partnered with the Institute of Ideas in recent years, and convened panel-based discussions at the annual Battle of Ideas Festival held at the Barbican London. These discussions have taken ideas central to Parenting Culture Studies to a large and diverse audience. Thanks are due to Worldwrite Worldbytes for their work filming and editing these discussions.

Battle of Ideas 2019

The Battle Over Birth
Ellie Lee (Chair), Blythe Pepino, Ann Furedi, Alistair Currie and Ashley Frawley
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Health vs choice? The vaccination debate
Ellie Lee (Chair), Dr Michael Fitzpatrick, Dr Alberto Giubilini, Emilie Karafillakis and Nancy McDermott
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Battle of Ideas 2018

Contraception: A Hard Pill to Swallow?’
Ellie Lee (Chair), Lesley Hall, Ann Furedi, Jane Dickson and Ella Whelan
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Battle of Ideas 2016

‘Can neuroparenting save the family?’
Ellie Lee, Jan Macarvish (Kent), Tim Loughton MP, Carey Oppenheim (CEO, Early Intervention Foundation) and Prof. Sue White (University of Sheffield)
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‘The Moral Case for Abortion’
Ellie Lee (Kent), Ann Furedi (CEO bpas), Mary Kenny (journalist and writer) and Jon O’Brien (President, Catholics for Choice)
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Battle of Ideas 2015

‘Does Pink Really Stink: the gender-neutral parenting debate’
Jan Macvarish (Kent), Nancy Mcdermott (Park Slope Parents), Bea Appleby (journalist), Ros Ball (writer), Julie Bindel (political activist and journalist) and Chrissie Daz (teacher)
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‘The Battle Over Breasts’
Ellie Lee, Jan Macvarish (Kent), Prof Linda Blum (Northeastern University), Dr Amy Brown (Swansea University) and Laura Dodsworth (photographer)
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‘Free Range Parenting: reckless or responsible’
Ellie Lee (Kent), Lenore Skenazy (Free Range Kids, US), Lisa Harker (NSPCC), Alice Ferguson (Playing Out) and Dr Helene Guldberg (author)
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These discussions with Ellie Lee, Director of CPCS on the Panel, have also taken place at the Battle of Ideas

‘Eugenics: Myth and Reality’ (2015)
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‘Can you be a perfect parent? (2013)
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‘Free Will: Just an Illusion?’ (2012)
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‘Sex in the Brain: Do men and women think differently?’ (2011)
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‘What’s the Point of the Social Sciences?’ (2011)
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‘Three’s a Crowd? The Battle over Population and Reproduction’ (2010)
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