CPCS press coverage in 2011

Bringing Up Britain, BBC Radio 4 ‘Birds, Bees and Blushes’, with Jan Macvarish 21.12.11

Hamleys’ baby steps towards gender equality‘, Zoe Williams (with comment by Ellie Lee) 13.12.11

Ellie Lee and Charlotte Faircloth, ‘Breastfeeding, an enduring doctrine’ 12.12.11

Thinking Allowed, BBC Radio 4, with Judith Suissa and Frank Furedi, discussing The Claims of Parenting12.12.11

Jennie Bristow in the Huffington Post Abortion is not a mental health problem’ 9.12.11

Jennie Bristow ‘Working mothers and the Government’s two faces’ 28.11.11

Frank Furedi in The Australian, ‘The Nanny State has no business muscling mums and dads out of the way’ 5.11.11

Trust us – we’re parents, with Jennie Bristow 30.10.11

Ellie Lee debating ‘Sex in the Brain: Do men and women think differently?’ at the Battle of Ideas 30.10.11

Nancy McDermott in The Independent, ‘Parents not up to the job?’ 28.10.11

Coverage of the conference in Nursery World. 20.9.11

Jennie Bristow offers a comprehensive write-up of the conference in her Spiked Essay on ‘Parenting and junk neuroscience’. 19.9.11

Marianne Kavanagh on ParentDish – ‘Are you a guilty parent? Time to ignore the endless bossy studies’. 17.9.11

Zoe Williams in the Guardian: ‘Come back ‘Superwoman’: the lost ideal of combining motherhood and work’ 17.9.11

The Times slightly misses the point in article suggesting that actually, the LATER years are more significant…. 17.9.11

We don’t need experts to teach us to be civil’, by Frank Furedi 13.10.11

Watch Ellie Lee debating Oliver James on BBC’s Newsnight, the night before the conference. 12.9.11

Dangerous Books for Boys? The Literacy Debate’, by Alka Sehgal Cuthbert 10.10.11

Keynote speaker Raymond Tallis featured in The Chronicle. 9.10.11

Are our kids oversexualised?’, by Jan Macvarish 4.10.11

Jennifer Howze in The New York Times referring to CPCS event on ‘parenting science’ 3.10.11

If you can read Hebrew, you can read coverage of the conference in the Israeli daily newspaper, ‘Haaretz’. 2.10.11

Much Ado About Nothing…or is it?’ with quote from Ellie Lee 2.10.11

Stephanie Knaak asks ‘Who’s to blame making parents paranoid?’ in the Boston Globe. 1.10.11

Read Jennie Bristow’s Huffington Post article attacking the ‘science tells us’ claims of family policy-makers. 16.9.11

Dr Stuart Derbyshire debates Samantha Callan of the Centre for Social Justice on BBC Radio 4′s Woman’s Hour. ‘The First Three Years – How critical are they?’ 13.9.11

Ellie Lee responds to Dr Aric Sigman’s study suggesting that daycare damages children on the Working Mums Blog. 13.9.11

Working Mums online magazine previews the conference: ‘The parenting blame game’ 12.9.11

The Guardian’s Zoe Williams debates with Guardian readers the significance of parenting to the riots. 11.9.11

The Observer highlights the key issues of the conference. 11.9.11 The Observer article was also picked up by Canadian resources ChildcareCanada.org and ChildUp

The real danger to our children’, by Frank Furedi 7.9.11

These riots were not a product of permissiveness’, by Jennie Bristow 30.8.11

Frank Furedi on ‘parenting’ and the English riots: ‘Cameron’s cure will make society sicker’ 23.8.11

Dr Spock’s Baby and Child Care at 65‘ (with comment from Jennie Bristow) 23.8.11

Why do so many mums stop breastfeeding?‘ (with comment from Ellie Lee) 20.8.11

Stuart Waiton in The Australian , ‘Failures of authority at the top lead to lawless outbreaks at the bottom’ 13.8.11

Daring to criticise child protection policies’, by Heather Piper 8.8.11

Jennie Bristow, ‘Lib-Con family policy: Maggie meets Mary Poppins’ 18.7.11

Frank Furedi, ‘Common sense, not research, nurtures our kids’ 9.7.11

Dr Ellie Lee responds to Graham Allen and Iain Duncan-Smith’s announcement on Early Intervention policy. 4.7.11 ‘University of Kent sociologist says early intervention plans are prejudice about parents masquerading as evidence’

Ellie Lee’s comment on Early Intervention policy reported in Nursery World. 4.7.11

Graham Allen’s plan aims to raise millions for early intervention schemes’ (with comment from Ellie Lee) 4.7.11

Ellie Lee, ‘Pregnancy counselling in Britain: a review of the literature’ 29.6.11

It’s not children who are sexualised … it’s us’ (with comment from Jan MacVarish) 25.6.11

The ‘Foundation Years’: For a New Generation of Mini-Camerons?’ by Jennie Bristow 20.6.11

Ellie Lee, ‘FAS: the gestation of a dubious idea’ 16.6.11

Frank Furedi argued that, ‘Western parents need to chill out about their kids’ 9.6.11

Intelligence Squared debate, ‘Western parents don’t know how to bring up their children’, with Frank Furedi, Amy Chua, Justine Roberts, Theodore Dalrymple  8.6.11

The sexualisation of children’ (BBC radio 2 ‘Jeremy Vine Show’, with Jan Macvarish) 6.6.11

Jennie Bristow, ‘The new parenting catfight: Tiger Moms v. Fun Slobs’ 26.5.11

Joan Wolf, ‘Stop feeding moms breastfeeding myths: Research says formula is perfectly fine for infant health’ 26.5.11

Don’t touch – paranoia endangers children on sport courses’ (with comment from Heather Piper about her ESRC study. £) 22.5.11

The parental spending craze’ (with comment from Frank Furedi) 17.5.11

Parenting guru Brain Caplan prescribes less fuss – and more fun’ (with comment from Ellie Lee) 15.5.11

Mother’s milk show’ (CBC radio show, White Coat Black Art, referring to CPCS briefing on infant feeding) 6.5.11

Unpopular children’ (BBC Radio 4 Woman’s Hour item in friendship, with Jennie Bristow) 28.4.11

Hope and ambition at the school for teenage mothers’ (with comment from Jan Macvarish) 19.4.11

Frank Furedi ‘Good, bad, or none of our business’ The Australian 8.4.11