2015 – 2016

CPCS press coverage in 2015 and 2016

‘School demands for parents to do more hits low-income and minority students hardest’, by Max Antony-Newman

‘Parenting is a source of joy, not angst’. Jan Macvarish reviews Do Parents Matter? Why Japanese Babies Sleep Well, Mexican Siblings Don’t Fight, and American Parents Should Just Relax by Robert and Sarah LeVine; and The Gardener and the Carpenter: What the New Science of Child Development Tells Us About the Relationship Between Parents and Children by Alison Gopnik.

‘Worst Public Service Announcement Ever?’, with comment by Ellie Lee

‘Proportion of teenage mothers at ‘lowest in decades”, with comment by Ellie Lee

‘The Expert Invasion of Family Life’, book review.

‘Universities need to stop treating their students like children’, by Frank Furedi – an article discussing ideas in Frank Furedi’s new book, ‘What’s Happened to the University?’. Read more about this book and its themes here.

‘What is a Citizen?’ by Jennie Bristow

‘The Generation Wars’ by Jennie Bristow

‘Theresa May, Forget Social Justice – Give Us Politics’, by Jennie Bristow

‘Parenting Out of Control’, book review by Charlotte Faircloth

‘Leadsom’s bad case of neurobollocks’, by Jan Macvarish

‘The Generation Wars’, by Jennie Bristow

Remain Voters, Quit the Granny Bashing’, by Jennie Bristow

‘What we lose when Boomers die’, by Jennie Bristow

‘The Reality of Going Back to Work After your First Baby’, with comment from Charlotte Faircloth

‘Boys have internalised the stereotype that they are not supposed to like books or learning’, by Frank Furedi

‘In Conversation: The Power of Reading, From Socrates to Twitter’, discussion with Frank Furedi

Responses to The Lancet paper and its claims about breastfeeding featuring comment from Joan Wolf in The Washington Post and Women in the World

Frank Furedi, on the medicalisation of childhood

Zoe Williams ‘Health Warnings can be bad for you’ risk brings us together’. With comment from Ellie Lee.

Jan Macvarish. ‘The State is bad for your baby’

‘Is it character-building to let a 7-year-old walk home alone?’

‘Tick box policy won’t raise Free Range Kids’

Lenore Skenazy on Free Range Kids

‘Let’s scotch the myth that boys don’t read’

‘The Internet is not Killing Reading’

‘The media’s first moral panic’ 

‘The Power of Reading’ 

‘Policing pregnancy is bad for babies’, by Jennie Bristow

‘Health warnings can be bad for you. Risk brings us together.’ By Zoe Williams, with comment from Ellie Lee.

‘Millennial terrorism comes of age.’ By Jennie Bristow

‘The state is bad for your baby.’ By Jan Macvarish

‘Parents, Make the Right Kind of Friends, Or Else!’, By Jennie Bristow

‘The Mother of All Guilt Trips’, with comment from Ellie Lee

‘Tiger mothers and cultural success’, debate with Frank Furedi

Jennie Bristow, ‘Blaming the Baby Boomers does today’s young people no favours’

Ellie Lee, ‘No, you’re not what your mother ate’

‘Will the internet of things set family life back 100 years?’ With comment from Charlotte Faircloth

‘Kids Company recruited teenagers for brain scans’. With comment from Jan Macvaris

Jennie Bristow writes in Conscience magazine about Millennial women seeking abortions in Britain today

Reviews of Jennie Bristow’s book Baby Boomers and Generational Conflict by David Willetts in Times Higher Education and Tim Black on spiked

Charlotte Faircloth discusses feeding babies, in the Independent

Jennie Bristow writes on ‘helicopter parents’ in The Conversation

Frank Furedi, on the problems of the legal treatment of mothers, in Huffington Post

Frank Furedi, ‘A Baby is not a chattel’. Huffington Post

Stuart Waiton, ‘A State appointed guardian for every child – no thanks’. Institute of Ideas 

Jennie Bristow, ‘Schooling goes back to the future’. Spiked On-Line 

‘Do you need to go to parent school?’ with comment from Jan Macvarish

Stop Gendercide: a dangerous campaign’, by Ellie Lee

‘From abortion to childbirth, what we need is choice’, by Jennie Bristow

‘How the internet and social media are changing culture’, by Frank Furedi

‘The Government should butt out of parenting’, Interview with Lenore Skenazy by Nancy McDermott

‘Should you ever discipline another person’s child?’, with comment by Frank Furedi

Book review, Parenting in Global Perspective