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Welcome to the Centre for Parenting Culture Studies (CPCS) newsletter. This goes to those who have attended events organised by CPCS, and others who have expressed an interest in the work of the Centre.

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Ellie Lee, Director CPCS

Welcome to the spring 2024 edition of our newsletter! We are delighted to share news about new publications and events – we hope to see you on Zoom through 2024!
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New Directions for Parenting Culture Studies Seminars
We are hosting a seminar series through 2024, ‘New Directions for Parenting Culture Studies’. The series highlights work by early and mid-career colleagues who have made use of ideas set out inParenting Culture Studies within their work.

If you missed it or couldn’t come to our first seminar in February, you can read about the research behind Parenting Culture and fertility rates, introduced by Sunna Símonardóttir.

Our second discussion is Intensive parenting, childhood independence and playing out, with John Day, Lenore Skenazy as respondents on Weds 27 March Find further details on the event and email Ellie Lee to book a place.

Keep an eye on Facebook and X for booking details for later events including:

The rise of ‘parenting policy’ and the fragmentation of the family. Ashley Frawley, Claude Martin as respondent (Weds 17 April).

The double bind of intensive parenting. Raquel Herrero-Arias (Weds 26 June).

Saving Brains? Early Childhood Interventions in the Global South. Gabriel Scheidecker (Weds 18 September).

Studying Generations: Multidisciplinary Perspectives

Published in February 2024, Studying Generations introduces and explores the growing field of generational studies, providing a comprehensive overview of its strengths and limitations. With contributions from academics across a range of disciplines, the book showcases the concept’s interdisciplinary potential by applying a generational lens to fields including sociology, literature, history, psychology, media studies and politics. Read more about the Generations Network.

The book is available via Bristol University Press.

The book will be launched on Tues 14 May at an event with contributors on Zoom. All Welcome! Reserve a spot at the book launch

Education, Parenting, and Mental Health Care in Europe, The Contradictions of Building Autonomous Individuals

Published by Routledge, edited by Nicolas Marquis and available Open Access, this collection is the outcome of the ‘Coaching Rituals’ project.

It explores how autonomy is built and understood across education, mental health and parenting, and includes chapters by Ellie Lee (‘Pregnancy after “a choice to drink”’), Ashley Frawley and coauthors (‘Mental Health, Higher Education and Regulatory Capitalism’), and Claude Martin (‘From Educating Mothers to Neuroparenting’).

You can access the full book via the Taylor & Francis Group.

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A reminder of our YouTube channel, with recordings of events and other resources from the past decade.

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