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Welcome to the latest Centre for Parenting Culture Studies (CPCS) newsletter. This goes to those who have attended events organised by CPCS, and others who have expressed an interest in the work of the Centre.

Ellie Lee, Director CPCS 

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Welcome to our newsletter 

This is our newsletter for the Spring Term 2020, letting you know about events and discussions coming up, and about other research news.

Generations and Society  

CPCS Associate Jennie Bristow, and University of Surrey Research Fellow Helen Kingstone, have been awarded a Wellcome Trust Small Grant in the Humanities and Social Sciences, running from October 2019 until August 2020. The award provides funding to develop an interdisciplinary network of academics and Third Sector organisations actively working with ‘generation’, to map how this concept can best be used, and to improve understanding of the relationship between generations, wellbeing, and public policy.

The network aims to transform the ways that generation is discussed among scholars (where there is currently little dialogue between disciplinary fields that are using the concept in parallel but separate and contradictory ways), and between academics and policy-facing organisations. It further aims to transform the way that ‘generation’ is used in media and public policy discussions, promoting a more nuanced and constructive understanding.

The network will be developed via three sequential workshops:

  • Generations in the family and the problem of ‘parenting’.
  • University of Surrey, January 2020.
  • Generational identities and the problem of ‘presentism’.
  • Canterbury Christ Church University, April 2020.
  • ‘Generationalism’ and the problem of social policy.
  • The Wellcome Collection, London, June 2020.

Find out more on our blog post.


Our main event this term is a half-day seminar ‘Pregnancy in the Press’ organised in collaboration with Kent’s Centre for the Interdisciplinary Study of Reproduction, Kent Law School and bpas. 

This takes place on Wednesday March 18th and the sessions are:

Reporting contraception (Chair Ann Furedi)

Claire Jones, Contraceptives in the early twentieth century press

Verity Pooke, Emergency Contraceptive Pills as a blessing and a curse

Taylor Burgess, Exploring the ethics of LARC promotion and practice in the UK today

Media reception of abortion as a threat to women (Chair Jennie Bristow)

Sally Sheldon, Women-protective arguments and the 1967 Abortion Act

Ellie Lee and Hannah Pereira, The ‘sex selection’ media panic 2012-2014 and its effects

Communicating risk in reproduction and pregnancy (Chair Kirsty Horsey)

Nicky Hudson, The transformation of human reproduction, with discussant Darren Griffin

Clare Murphy, Risk communication and pregnancy, with discussant Robbie Sutton 

The event is free but you need to book. For more info and to book a place visit the event page.

New Publications

Book chapter by CPCS associate Charlotte Faircloth in the edited collection Romantic Relationships in a time of Cold Intimacies

Book chapter by CPCS’ recent Visiting Researcher Zeynep Sadıkoğlu in the edited collection Childbearing and the Changing Nature of Parenthood: The Contexts, Actors, and Experiences of Having Children

Call for Papers: Parenting and the State: State intervention at the age of the family

This event is taking place at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences Centre for Excellence, and is organised by colleagues in the Academy’s Centre for Economic and Regional Studies. The event takes place in May 2020, with a deadline for paper proposals of January 31st.

For further details, see the Hungarian Academy of Sciences Centre for Excellence

 Read and Listen on

 Jan Macvarish, ‘Theybies: raising alienated babies’, Spiked Online 

Jennie Bristow in discussion on Canadian radio, ‘Do Baby Boomers Owe Millennials an Apology?’

Verity Pooke comments in this article, ‘The Morning-After Pill Wasn’t Meant to be a Plan-B: What Happened?’

 Jennie Bristow, ‘The Real Meaning of Ok Boomer’, Spiked Online