(Un)comfortable bedfellows?

Lynn Jamieson responds to our first panel, introduced by Yvette Taylor

Lynn Jamieson responds to our first panel, introduced by Yvette Taylor

‘Gender, Equality and Intimacy: (Un)comfortable bedfellows?’ was co-organised by Dr. Charlotte Faircloth (University of Kent) and Dr Katherine Twamley (IOE), and held at the Institute of Education in London, on 7 April 2014.

The topics of gender, equality and intimacy are becoming increasingly established as important subjects of investigation in the social sciences. Much of this literature points to their intersections in the context of personal life (Gabb 2010, Jamieson 1998, Smart 2007) and the clash between ‘ideal’ relationships promoted by policy and expert or self-help literature and the actual pragmatics of family life (Gillies 2009, Jensen and Tylor 2013). For example, while there is a commitment to encouraging ‘gender equality’ in working cultures and family life in contemporary UK policy, wider cultures of parenting rely on heavily gendered models of appropriate care (Dermot 2008, Faircloth 2013). This workshop was set up to explore further how such intersections of equality and intimacy are experienced by men, women and families, whether as part of a wider ‘therapeutic turn’ in the ethics of self-knowledge (Furedi 2004, Hochschild 2003, Illouz 2007) or as part of a modernisation project in the context of nation building (Twamley 2012). The event showcased cutting edge empirical research, discussed by senior scholars in the field.

Linda Layne presents, whilst Andrea Doucet joins via Skype as discussant

Linda Layne presents in the fourth panel, whilst Andrea Doucet joins via Skype as discussant

The original CFP is here, and the programme with a list of abstracts is available here.

Slides from Charlotte Morris’s 10-minute presentation are available here. If you would be interested in seeing other presentations, or reading the full-length papers from the day, please contact Charlotte (c.faircloth AT kent.ac.uk) who can put you in touch with the respective authors.


Recordings of discussants

You can listen to the entire playlist here, or by person, as below

On Intimacy and Couples, discussing papers by Dr Kaveri Qureshi, Hwajeong Yoo and Dr Katherine Twamley:

Professor Yvette Taylor

Professor Lynn Jamieson

On Intimacy and Sexuality, discussing papers by Dr Jo Woodiwiss, Rachel O’Neill and Dr Jenny van Hooff

Professor Ros Gill

Dr Meg Barker

On Gender and Equality, discussing papers by Fiona McQueen, Monica Wirz and Dr Geraldine Boyle:

Dr Claire Maxwell (accompanying slides here)

Dr Jacqui Gabb

On Parenting and Equality, discussing papers by Professor Linda Layne, Charlotte Morris and Robert Pralat:

Dr Esther Dermott (Professor Andrea Doucet joined us via Skype for this session)

A write up of the event is also available on Dr Katherine Twamley’s blog here

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