2017 and 2018

CPCS press coverage in 2017 and 2018


Tracey Jensen, Parenting the crisis.

Babies Made Us Modern: How Infants Brought America into the Twentieth Century, Janet Golden

Latest by Frank Furedi, How Fear Works 

Book reviews

Ellie Lee reviews Blinded by Science: The Social Implications of Epigenetics and Neuroscience by Dave Wastell and Sue White

Journal articles

Ellie Lee, Sally Sheldon and Jan Macvarish, ‘The Abortion Act Fifty Years On’, in Social Science and Medicine. See here for more about this research.

Max Antony-Newman, ‘Parental involvement of immigrant parents: a meta-synthesis’

Glenda Wall, in Sociology of Health and Illness, ‘ ‘Love builds brains’: Representations of attachment and children’s brain development in parenting education material’.

Sunna Símonardóttir and Ingólfur V. Gíslason in The Sociological Review, ‘When breast is not best: Opposing dominant discourses on breastfeeding’.

Authored comments

Jennie Bristow, ‘Everyone’s a loser in today’s fabricated generation wars’.

 Frank Furedi, ‘Who’s guiding our children?’

Moms who use egg donors lack confidence in parenting ability’ with comment from Ellie Lee.

an Macvarish, ‘Stop Putting Pressure on New Mums’

Frank Furedi, ‘A War that Begins in the Nursery’

Ashley Frawley, ‘The Dystopia of The Child Protection Industry’

Martin Robb, ‘Fatherhood, families and intensive parenting: reflections on two recent conferences’

‘‘Killer kids’: why do children make the most magnetic villains?’, with comment by Ellie Lee

Frank Furedi, ‘Stop this moral crusade against circumcision’

‘Adolescence now lasts from 10 to 24’, with comment by Jan Macvarish

Jennie Bristow, ‘Time for a truce in the generation wars‘

Jan Macvarish, ‘Why Mothers Shouldn’t be Bribed to Breastfeed’

Frank Furedi, ‘Turning Childhood into a Mental Illness’

Media mentions

Jan Macvarish, featured on the Let Grow Blog, ‘Dear Experts: Quit Telling us how to ‘Correctly’ Bond with our Kids’

Ellie Lee, in article in the ESRC’s Society Now and The Guardian, on the 50th anniversary of the 1967 Abortion Act.

Comments from CPCS associates in this article on the Zetland website, ‘Imagine if you do not really decide your child’s future’ (in Danish).

Jennie Bristow, The manipulative flattery of the youth vote is demeaning to young people and bad for politics 

Ellie Lee, The Sun, on drinking and pregnancy.

Angry and Overwhelmed, the men who experience postnatal depression’, with comment from Ellie Lees

‘MPs to discuss reform of UK’s Victorian Era Abortion Law’, with comment from Ellie Lee.

‘The Therapeutic University’, by Frank Furedi.

‘Tamara Ecclestone breastfeeding pictures: Why were they controversial?’ with comment by Ellie Lee

From Brexit to the pensions crisis, how did the Baby Boomers get the blame for everything?’, by Jennie Bristow

Newspaper interviews with Jan Macvarish about neuroparenting, in the Netherlands and Belgium: