Parenting, childhood and adult-child relations

While ‘parenting culture’ and ‘childhood’ are now well-established fields of multidisciplinary scholarship so far, the tensions and resonances between these two bodies of work have not been significantly explored, particularly in diverse, global contexts.

The reality of this lacuna was brought home to us (Charlotte Faircloth and Rachel Rosen) in 2017, when Ana Vergara del Solar (an author in our subsequent special issue of FRS) invited both of us to an event at Diego Portales University in Chile titled Children’s and Parents’ Perspectives on the Parent-Child Relationship. The conversations we started there established the need for our two fields of work to engage in dialogue. We organised an event at University College London in 2018 (Parenting Culture, Childhood, and Adult-Child Relations in the Contemporary Age), and subsequently a special issue, in an effort to do just this. The articles in that special issue can be found below:

Childhood, parenting culture, and adult-child relations in global perspectives

Families, Relationships and Societies, Volume 9, Number 1, March 2020

Guest edited by Charlotte Faircloth and Rachel Rosen


Childhood, parenting culture, and adult-child relations in global perspectives
pp. 3-6(4)
Authors: Faircloth, Charlotte; Rosen, Rachel – Top 5 most read article in FRS 2020


Adult-child relations in neoliberal times: insights from a dialogue across childhood and parenting culture studies
pp. 7-22(16)
Authors: Rosen, Rachel; Faircloth, Charlotte – Top 5 most read article in FRS 2020

‘Teachers know best’: low-income families and the politics of home‐school relations in Singapore
pp. 23-40(18)
Author: Chiong, Charleen

The state-as-parent: reframing parent‐child relations in Rwanda
pp. 41-57(17)
Authors: Benda, Richard; Pells, Kirrily

Parents’ economic efforts in the discourses of Chilean children: ethical reflexivity and reciprocal care
pp. 59-74(16)
Authors: Vergara del Solar, Ana; Sepúlveda Galeas, Mauricio; Salvo Agoglia, Irene

“Of course we’ll like it, we’re kids!”: interrogating childhood and parenting through children’s food
pp. 75-90(16)
Author: Patico, Jennifer

Accidents waiting to happen: news coverage of children’s health and safety in Turkey in the 1980s and 1990s
pp. 91-106(16)
Author: Arzuk, Deniz

Parenting apps and the depoliticisation of the parent
pp. 107-124(18)
Authors: Ramaekers, Stefan; Hodgson, Naomi

Children, parents and non-parents: to whom does ‘the future’ belong?
pp. 125-141(17)
Authors: Rosen, Rachel; Suissa, Judith

Parenting and social solidarity in cross-cultural perspective
pp. 143-159(17)
Author: Faircloth, Charlotte

Open Space

The study of childhood: thoughts from a family life researcher
pp. 161-167(7)
Author: Brannen, Julia

Parallels and ruptures in the neoliberal intensive parenting regime
pp. 169-172(4)
Author: Gillies, Val

Braiding sweetgrass families: a transmedia project on parenting in Blackfoot Territory
pp. 173-180(8)
Authors: Newberry, Jan; Pace-Crosschild, Tanya