Forthcoming events

New Directions for Parenting Culture Studies

This series of discussions will be held on Zoom through 2024 and will highlight work by early and mid-career colleagues who have made use of ideas set out in Parenting Culture Studies within their work. All at 3pm GMT, on Zoom. Eventbrite links for booking to follow shortly.

Parenting Culture and declining fertility rates. Sunna Símonardóttir (Weds 6th March)

Intensive parenting, childhood independence and playing out. John Day, Lenore Skenazy as respondent (Weds 27 March)

 The rise of ‘parenting policy’ and the fragmentation of the family. Ashley Frawley, Claude Martin as respondent (Weds 17 April)

The double bind of intensive parenting. Raquel Herrero-Arias (Weds 26 June)

Saving Brains? Early Childhood Interventions in the Global South. Gabriel Scheidecker (Weds 18 September)

Further details about the discussions, as well as recordings can be found here (forthcoming)