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If you are thinking about doing a Masters degree, and would like to study parenting culture as part of it, you can take a module ‘The family, parenting culture and parenting policy’ as part of the Masters programmes offered by SSPSSR. This modules covers:

  • Sociological analysis of the term ‘parenting’
  • The social history of debates about ‘the family’ and the sociology of privacy
  • The changing meaning of childhood, motherhood and fatherhood
  • The meaning of the term ‘intensive parenthood’ and its relation to expertise and risk culture
  • The sociology of identity, as applied in studies of the experience of parenting
  • The relationship of policies linking family life to broader social policy
  • Critiques of state intervention in family life and of particular contemporary parenting policies.

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Please contact Dr Ellie Lee in the first instance.

You can learn more about the work of University of Kent linked CPCS  Associates by looking at our ‘Associates‘ page, or by following the links to their staff pages, below:

Professor Ellie Lee 

Dr Charlotte Faircloth 

Professor Frank Furedi

Dr Jan Macvarish

Dr Jennie Bristow

Professor Sally Sheldon

Dr Robbie Sutton

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