Abortion research by CPCS Associates

Abortion doctors, professional identity and the law

This piece of research was based on a detailed interview study with 14 doctors who had spent at least a decade working as abortion providers. It was led by Ellie Lee, working with Jan Macvarish and Sally Sheldon, all of the University of Kent.

The aims of the project were:

  1. To make a contribution to discussion of abortion provision, in the context of the 50th anniversary of the 1967 Abortion Act in 2017.
  2. To develop methodology and tools for a larger scale study about the work of, and issues confronting, abortion providers.
  3. To develop sociological analysis of professional identity through this (and future) work.

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Preliminary Findings (PDF)

The 1967 Abortion Act fifty years on: Abortion, medical authority and the law revisited’, by Lee, Sheldon and Macvarish (journal article, Social Science and Medicine)

Dissemination event: Thursday 29 June 2017

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