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What’s new

  • Research about doctors involved in abortion care and their views of the law is summarised here and will be discussed at a forthcoming event.
  • Helen Reece 1968-2016 It is with the utmost sadness that we mark the death of our colleague Helen Reece. Helen died on 26 October 2016, from complications related to cancer. Helen was a founding Associate of CPCS and an inspiration to all who encountered her, and her work. Her intelligence left its indelible mark. Above all, her intellectual bravery is what will be remembered by us; she was a rare person who in the most genuine way asked searching questions and sought to interrogate and question accepted suppositions. She was also a brilliant and dedicated teacher, most recently as Associate Professor of Law at the London School of Economics, teaching family law.This is Helen, speaking on ‘Parental Responsibility as Therapy’, a CPCS event. Other tributes can be read here and here.
  • Policing pregnancy ‘From scientific article to press release to media coverage: advocating alcohol abstinence and democratising risk in a story about alcohol and pregnancy’, by Ellie Lee, Robbie Sutton and Bonny Hartley is now published Health Risk and Society (Open Access). The article reports some findings of research discussed at the event ‘Policing Pregnancy’ held in April 2016. A further event about the issues and problems raised, Policing Pregnancy: Who should be a mother? will take place on 18 May 2017.
  • CPCS book: Parenting Culture Studies Why have the minutiae of how parents raise their children become routine sources of public debate and policy making? This book provides in-depth answers to these features drawing on a wide range of sources from sociology, history, anthropology and psychology, covering developments in both Europe and North America. See more information about the book, and buy it here.
  • Read this feature in Kent Magazine, celebrating three years of our Centre.