Families in a time of Covid

Charlotte Faircloth is part of a team at UCL (with Katherine Twamley and Humera Iqbal) looking at the impact of Covid on family life.

FACT-Covid  is a study led by University College London, UK which explores the challenges experienced by families with children in the UK during the time of Covid 19 as well as how they attempt to overcome them. By focusing on families, the project explores both how individuals respond to public health measures put in place (such as social distancing measures), and how these are negotiated with others in the household and family.

Project publications:

The UCL Press book resulting from the project, Family Life in the Time of COVID: International Perspectives, has just been published!

Download for free here: https://www.uclpress.co.uk/products/184219 







Other publications:

Faircloth, C., Twamley, K., & Iqbal, H. (2020). ‘Er, not the best time’: methodological and ethical challenges of researching family life during a pandemic. Families, Relationships and Societies.

Twamley, K. Faircloth, C. and Iqbal, H. (2023) “COVID Labour: Making a ‘livable’ life under lockdownThe Sociological Review.

Final report: Carroll, N., Twamley, K., Iqbal, H., Faircloth, C. and Benchekroun, R. (2022). Families and Community in the Time of COVID-19 (FACT-COVID) Final Report. London: University College London.

The FACT project is part of a larger international network I-CoFACT (International Consortium on Family and Community in the time of Covid- 19) also led by University College London. Across the 10 country case studies, the intention is to investigate the challenges experienced by families during these difficult times of Covid, as well as how they attempt to overcome them. The comparison will allow us better to understand the role of local policies and cultural meanings and practices that shape individuals’ responses to, and experiences of, the pandemic.

You can learn more about the project, including publications and the blog here