ParCul kick off programme

Bergen harbour by Colourbox

Bergen harbour by Colourbox

ParCul kick-off event, Bergen 26-27. November 2014


Wednesday November 26.

09.15 Introduction and presentation of participants. Synnøve Bendixsen and Hilde Danielsen

09.30 Presentation of RiskPar. Synnøve Bendixsen and Hilde Danielsen

10.00 Discussion

10.30 Break

10.45 Intensive parenting: Ellie Lee (University of Kent)
Download ‘Intensive Parenting’ paper (PDF)

11.15: Parenting in a globalized world: Charlotte Faircloth (University of Kent)
Download Parenting in a globalized world (Powerpoint)

11.45 Discussion

12.15 Lunch.

13.00 Risk management and parenting: Frank Furedi (University of Kent) Paper coming soon

13.30 Personhood. A conceptual and methodological tool: Thomas Hylland Eriksen. (Dept of Social Anthropology) University of Oslo)

14.00 Discussion

14.30 Coffee and fruit break

14.15 Parenting and Class. Helene Aarseth (Oslo and Akershus University College)

14.45 Parenting and ethnicity Monica Aarseth (Norwegian Centre for human rights, University of Oslo)

15.15. Discussion

15.45 End

Thursday November 27

10.00 Notions of Relatedness and Processes of Kinning in Danish Daycare Institutions: Exploring the Interface between the State and the Family. Karen Olwig (Dep. of Social anthropology. University of Copenhagen)

10.30 ‘Going to something’: Generational perspectives on leisure activities among teenagers and their parents in a Copenhagen neighborhood. Marianne Holm Pedersen (the Royal Library, Copenhagen)

11.00 Discussion

11.30 Planning collaboration and future events

13.30 End.

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