2019 onwards

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A reminder of our YouTube channel, with recordings of events and other resources from the past decade.

Why Midwives Should Get the Covid Jab’ – Spiked-Online. By Ellie Lee

The Family as a Subversive Institution: an interview with Nancy McDermott

What the pandemic has really done to our children’s minds’ – The Telegraph. By Jennie Bristow

Gender Roles and Parenting’ – BBC 4 Woman’s Hour item with Charlotte Faircloth

The Corona Generation’ – Jennie Bristow in discussion

‘’Ok, Boomer’: la socióloga británica que descubre la trampa de la guerra generacional’ Interview with Jennie Bristow (in Spanish)

The Impact of Lockdown on Children’ – RT. Discussion with Ellie Lee

Why We Need the Generation Wars’ – Unherd. By Jennie Bristow


Jennie Bristow writes for The Critic, on ‘Back to School: the urgent need for normality’

‘Growing Up in Lockdown’, an essay by Jennie Bristow in the Letters on Liberty series  

Neurobollocks gets a royal seal of approval’. Dr Jan Macvarish, Spiked 

What’s happened to our schools?’ A podcast discussing education from a sociological perspective, with Professor Frank Furedi 

Don’t shame pregnant women for drinking coffee’. Reason Magazine, with comment from Nancy McDermott 

Should pregnant women have their alcohol intake recorded’. Debate with Professor Ellie Lee and Dr Luisa Zuccolo 

NICE’s proposal to record pregnant women’s alcohol consumption ignores potential detrimental effects’. Comment by Professor Ellie Lee.

Changing Parenting, Changing Childhood?’, by Charlotte Faircloth

We have failed the Class of 2020’, by Jennie Bristow

Covid-19 exposes stark generational housing divide, UK report says’ with comment by Jennie Bristow

How to parent after lockdown’, by Frank Furedi 

BBC Radio 4, ‘Analysis’ programme, ‘Modern Parenting’ made by Professor Tina Miller, featuring Dr Jan Macvarish on ‘neuroparenting’ 

‘A boozy attack on pregnant women’, by Ellie Lee.

‘The cynicism of the breast-is-best brigade’, by Ellie Lee.

The Battle Over Birth

Ellie Lee (Chair), Blythe Pepino, Ann Furedi, Alistair Currie and Ashley Frawley

Health vs choice? The vaccination debate 

Ellie Lee (Chair), Dr Michael Fitzpatrick, Dr Alberto Giubilini, Emilie Karafillakis and Nancy McDermott

Jan Macvarish, ‘Theybies: raising alienated babies’, Spiked Online 

Jennie Bristow in discussion on Canadian radio, ‘Do Baby Boomers Owe Millennials an Apology?’

Verity Pooke comments in this article, ‘The Morning-After Pill Wasn’t Meant to be a Plan-B: What Happened?’

 Jennie Bristow, ‘The Real Meaning of Ok Boomer’, Spiked Online

‘Contraception: a hard pill to swallow’ (filmed at Battle of Ideas 2019) 

‘Parenting Without Fear’, Lenore Skenazy interviews Frank Furedi for Reason magazine 

‘First World War, the Conflict over Culture’, Frank Furedi discusses generations (in Hungarian with subtitles) 

‘Infant Feeding and the need for Sociology’, by Ellie Lee

 ‘Children’s Lunchboxes and Social Class’, by Benedetta Cappellini, Vicki Harman and Elizabeth Parsons 

‘Review: From Parenting Styles to Parenting Cultures’ (in French)

‘The Toddlers have taken over’, by Jennie Bristow 

‘Growing up fast: what parenting in your 20s is the new punk’, with comment from CPCS’ Ellie Lee 

When Motherhood Feels Like a Mistake’, with comment from CPCS’ Ellie Lee