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Angry and Overwhelmed, the men who experience postnatal depression’, with comment from Ellie Lees

‘MPs to discuss reform of UK’s Victorian Era Abortion Law’, with comment from Ellie Lee.

‘The Therapeutic University’, by Frank Furedi.

‘Tamara Ecclestone breastfeeding pictures: Why were they controversial?’ with comment by Ellie Lee

From Brexit to the pensions crisis, how did the Baby Boomers get the blame for everything?’, by Jennie Bristow

Newspaper interviews with Jan Macvarish about neuroparenting, in the Netherlands and Belgium:

‘School demands for parents to do more hits low-income and minority students hardest’, by Max Antony-Newman

‘Parenting is a source of joy, not angst’. Jan Macvarish reviews Do Parents Matter? Why Japanese Babies Sleep Well, Mexican Siblings Don’t Fight, and American Parents Should Just Relax by Robert and Sarah LeVine; and The Gardener and the Carpenter: What the New Science of Child Development Tells Us About the Relationship Between Parents and Children by Alison Gopnik.

‘Worst Public Service Announcement Ever?’, with comment by Ellie Lee

‘Proportion of teenage mothers at ‘lowest in decades”, with comment by Ellie Lee

‘The Expert Invasion of Family Life’, book review.

‘Universities need to stop treating their students like children’, by Frank Furedi – an article discussing ideas in Frank Furedi’s new book, ‘What’s Happened to the University?’. Read more about this book and its themes here.

‘What is a Citizen?’ by Jennie Bristow

‘The Generation Wars’ by Jennie Bristow

‘Theresa May, Forget Social Justice – Give Us Politics’, by Jennie Bristow

‘Parenting Out of Control’, book review by Charlotte Faircloth

‘Leadsom’s bad case of neurobollocks’, by Jan Macvarish

‘The Generation Wars’, by Jennie Bristow

Remain Voters, Quit the Granny Bashing’, by Jennie Bristow

‘What we lose when Boomers die’, by Jennie Bristow

‘The Reality of Going Back to Work After your First Baby’, with comment from Charlotte Faircloth

‘Boys have internalised the stereotype that they are not supposed to like books or learning’, by Frank Furedi

‘In Conversation: The Power of Reading, From Socrates to Twitter’, discussion with Frank Furedi

Responses to The Lancet paper and its claims about breastfeeding featuring comment from Joan Wolf in The Washington Post and Women in the World

Frank Furedi, on the medicalisation of childhood

Zoe Williams ‘Health Warnings can be bad for you’ risk brings us together’. With comment from Ellie Lee.

Jan Macvarish. ‘The State is bad for your baby’

‘Is it character-building to let a 7-year-old walk home alone?’

‘Tick box policy won’t raise Free Range Kids’

Lenore Skenazy on Free Range Kids

‘Let’s scotch the myth that boys don’t read’

‘The Internet is not Killing Reading’

‘The media’s first moral panic’ 

‘The Power of Reading’ 

‘Policing pregnancy is bad for babies’, by Jennie Bristow

‘Health warnings can be bad for you. Risk brings us together.’ By Zoe Williams, with comment from Ellie Lee.

‘Millennial terrorism comes of age.’ By Jennie Bristow

‘The state is bad for your baby.’ By Jan Macvarish

‘Parents, Make the Right Kind of Friends, Or Else!’, By Jennie Bristow

‘The Mother of All Guilt Trips’, with comment from Ellie Lee

‘Tiger mothers and cultural success’, debate with Frank Furedi

Jennie Bristow, ‘Blaming the Baby Boomers does today’s young people no favours’

Ellie Lee, ‘No, you’re not what your mother ate’

‘Will the internet of things set family life back 100 years?’ With comment from Charlotte Faircloth

‘Kids Company recruited teenagers for brain scans’. With comment from Jan Macvaris

Jennie Bristow writes in Conscience magazine about Millennial women seeking abortions in Britain today

Reviews of Jennie Bristow’s book Baby Boomers and Generational Conflict by David Willetts in Times Higher Education and Tim Black on spiked

Charlotte Faircloth discusses feeding babies, in the Independent

Jennie Bristow writes on ‘helicopter parents’ in The Conversation

Frank Furedi, on the problems of the legal treatment of mothers, in Huffington Post

Frank Furedi, ‘A Baby is not a chattel’. Huffington Post

Stuart Waiton, ‘A State appointed guardian for every child – no thanks’. Institute of Ideas 

Jennie Bristow, ‘Schooling goes back to the future’. Spiked On-Line 

‘Do you need to go to parent school?’ with comment from Jan Macvarish

Stop Gendercide: a dangerous campaign’, by Ellie Lee

‘From abortion to childbirth, what we need is choice’, by Jennie Bristow

‘How the internet and social media are changing culture’, by Frank Furedi

‘The Government should butt out of parenting’, Interview with Lenore Skenazy by Nancy McDermott

‘Should you ever discipline another person’s child?’, with comment by Frank Furedi

Book review, Parenting in Global Perspective


In December, Ellie Lee gave comment to The Times about a paper on the financial benefits of breastfeeding

November saw criticism of a proposal from the Behavioural Insights Team (the ‘Nudge’ Unit) for messages to be put in nappies about taking to babies. Ellie Lee commented in this article in the Independent This comment is by Glosswitch

The New York Times reported in November on the dangers of claims about brain science, with comments from CPCS’ Jan Macvarish, and Zoe Williams.

In October, the English Government’s Social Mobility and Child Poverty Commission published a report that proposed a national programme of parenting classes, claiming that four in ten parents are doing an inadequate job raising their children. These comments responded to the Report:

How fear of offending has trumped freedom of speech among today’s young people’. Jennie Bristow comments in The Conversation in the wake of Charlie Hebdo.

Ellie Lee, ‘Hey, teacher, leave those parents alone!’

Val Gillies, ‘Parenting is not the key to tackle inequality’

Earlier in 2014


We were delighted to welcome Joan Wolf, Associate Professor of Women’s and Gender Studies at Texas A&M University, as our first international Visitor to the Centre for Parenting Culture Studies. During her stay over the first two weeks of February Joan participated in a range of discussions involving Centre Associates, and got to know more about our work. The focal point of her visit was an Open Lecture she gave at the University of Kent to a full lecture theatre. You can watch the lecture in full here. The questions and discussion are posted here. You can read coverage of Joan’s lecture in spikedThe ObserverThe Independent The New Statesman Mumsnet and listen to her on Radio 5 live (1 h 55m) There was also further coverage in: ‘The witches of breast milk need to back off’, Live chat, ‘Is breast best?’ and  ‘Breast is best. Or is it?’ (with comment by Ellie Lee) Joan’s book is now available in paperback, and the facebook page is here

School for 4-year-olds’, with comment by Helene Guldberg

Janet Golden and Michael Yudell, ‘Nutrition, Public Health and Food

Deborah Lupton has a new book out in the Palgrave Pivot series this month, The Social Worlds of the Unborn She is also the editor of this new living book, on the topic of the ‘unborn’: a great resource for teaching

‘Should adults read children’s books?’ Discussion on BBC Radio 4’s Today Programme with Jennie Bristow

On breastfeeding, social mobility, advertising and choice; discussion with Ellie Lee from about 24 minutes with phone in from about 2 hours 23 minutes
 ‘Who’s afraid of internet porn?’ by Alka Sehgal Cuthbert

‘Abortion, Motherhood and the Medical Profession’: event report

On breastfeeding, social mobility, advertising and choice; discussion with Ellie Lee from about 24 minutes with phone in from about 2 hours 23 minutes

In recent weeks, the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence issued the recommendation that midwives should breath test pregnant women to see if they smoke, and the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG) put out a report suggesting that, if pregnant, women could be ‘better safe than sorry’ if they avoided plastics in everyday objects like packaged food and non-stick frying pans. These are responses from CPCS Associates:

Ellie Lee on breath tests for pregnant women includes MetroThe SunSunday TimesThe Australian Deccan ChronicleSpits (Netherlands)Delfi (Italy) A summary of coverage about this issue is here: ‘UK: Anger at proposals to test pregnant women for smoking’

On the RCOG report: Stop messing with mothers-to-be. The mountain of scary ‘advice’ facing pregnant women is built on risk inflation and utterly junk science, by Ellie Lee

‘Pregnant women aren’t incubators – so why does medical advice treat them as though they are?’

‘Should adults read children’s books?’ Discussion on BBC Radio 4’s Today Programme with Jennie Bristow

 ‘Who’s afraid of internet porn?’ by Alka Sehgal Cuthbert

‘The anxious modern culture of parenting goes global’ Sally Millard

‘Bottled Up’, by Suzanne Barston

Pro-family politicians: a threat to the family’, by Jennie Bristow

Discussion about risk, fear and litigation in US Schools, with comment from CPCS Associate Nancy McDermott

Do we live in a ‘top-shelf society’? Discussion with contributors including CPCS Associate Jan Macvarish

This manual is, frankly, a disaster for children’. Interview with Chris Lane by Helene Guldberg about DSM-5

Frank Furedi, ‘Parenting skills are a con’Huffington Post 

Charlotte Faircloth, ‘When ‘breast is best’ meets shared parenting’, Working Mothers Magazine

Nancy McDermott, ‘Breast is Best: the worst kind of hectoring’Spiked-online

Interview with Frank Furedi, about his new book, Moral Crusades in an Age of Mistrust: The Jimmy Savile Scandal

‘You and Yours’BBC Radio 4, ‘Should we involve children and young people in decisions that affect them?’ With guests including  Frank Furedi.

British children ‘babied’ by intrusive parents, says MP (with comments from Frank Furedi)

BBC Radio 4, Call You and Yours: Parenting (with Ellie Lee, Oliver James and callers)

Frank Furedi, University students, Are they toddlers or young adults? 

Susan Elkin, ‘Why don’t we encourage young people to grow up?’ (with comment from Frank Furedi)

British Medical Journal podcast on abortion policy in Britain, with Ellie Lee

Nancy McDermott, with Free Range Kids, heads an initiative to challenge overreaction to Sandy Hook

Ellie Lee, on determinism new and old. ‘Whatever happened to free will?’

Stephanie Knaak, in The Huffington Post, Canada. ‘Is modern parenting bad for mommy’s health?’

Frank Furedi, on the latest NSPCC campaign. ‘Using children as a moral shield’ 

Frank Furedi, on the legacy of the death of Jamie Bulger


Free Will, Just an Illusion? In this debate held at the Battle of Ideas 2012, speakers include Professor Joe Friggieri, Head of Philosophy, University of Malta; Dr Daniel Glaser, head of Special Projects, Wellcome Trust; Neal Lawson, author, All Consuming and Dr Ellie Lee, director, Centre of Parenting Culture Studies.

The Royal Fetus in the Spotlight. Jennie Bristow summaries in Abortion Review some discussion looking at what reporting on Kate Middleton’s pregnancy tells us about contemporary culture

What’s your poison? The impact of alcohol and smoking. Report on a discussion about infertility services at the Progress Education Trust annual conference. Speakers included Ellie Lee.

How child protection policies harm children. Article by Frank Furedi, about plans to create a new database of children who visit A&E unit

Has breastfeeding been oversold? Some experts take aim at ‘breast is best’ claims. Medical Xpress article, with comment from Joan Wolf

Whither abortion policy in Britain?  From the Journal of Family Planning and Reproductive Health Care. PDF available on request from the author E.J.Lee@kent.ac.uk

Bullying debate. CPCS Associate Helene Guldberg (author of Reclaiming Childhood, Freedom and Play in an Age of Fear) on BBC2 Radio Jeremy Vine show at about 72 minutes)

‘Who Owns the Abortion Debate’, Woman’s Hour Item with Ellie Lee and Julie Bindel

Dr Jan Macvarish discusses teenage mums on ‘Inside Out South East’. October 2012, and on Radio Sussex and Radio Kent

Helene Guldberg, ‘Switch Off the Junk Science, Not the TV’ Spiked Online

‘Forget pushy parenting it’s time to set your child free’ with comment from Frank Furedi in the Telegraph

Letter in response to ‘What’s the difference between these two brains?’ in the Telegraph from CPCS affiliates and others

Dr Ellie Lee recently debated the ‘Breastfeeding could save the NHS £40m/year’ UNICEF report on Channel Four News. Dr Charlotte Faircloth was on Radio 5 LiveDrive (56.48) and Newsnight discussing the same report (22.30), and wrote ‘How women feed their babies isn’t just about statistics’ for the Independent and i

Helen Reece, ‘Domestic autonomy takes another beating’, Spiked

‘Screen time health warning for kids’, Sky News, with comment from Ellie Lee

Couples who share the housework are more likely to divorce, study findsDaily Telegraph, with comment by Frank Furedi

Frank Furedi, ‘Why the ‘couples where women do more housework stay together ‘ study isn’t shocking. The Independent

Using science to freak out parents’, by Nancy McDermott and Stuart Derbyshire

Moms have nothing to fear from formula’, by Joan Wolf

The Social Cost of Litigation, by Frank Furedi and Jennie Bristow

We’re creating adult-phobic children’, with comment by Frank Furedi

Summary of the debate following the Time Magazine feature on AP, with comments from Charlotte Faircloth and Nancy McDermott

Attachment parenting: can baby be too attached?’, with comment by Frank Furedi

How the nationalisation of parenting stoked the Riots’ by Jennie Bristow

Frank Furedi, speaking against the motion ‘The Baby Boomers have stolen the family silver‘ at the Intelligence Squared debate at the Royal Geographical Society on 27 October 2011.

Read Charlotte Faircloth’s piece for the Independent Blog on the Time Magazine cover/story on attachment parenting, ‘Are you Mom Enough?

Watch her debate the issues on Channel 4 news (and on You Tube)

Also watch Ellie Lee in debate on BBC Newsnight about the Government’s latest parent-training scheme here, about 20 minutes in

Listen to the debate on this topic on BBC Radio Kent (comments from Ellie Lee about 16 minutes in).

Jennie Bristow, ‘Debating the gap between policy and practice’ (write up of recent event on contraception and abortion)

Nancy McDermott, ‘Thank you, Maurice Sendak

What kind of woman gets pregnant just to take a year off work?’ with comment from Ellie Lee.
The teenage pregnancy myth‘, BBC Radio 4, with Jan Macvarish

Jennie Bristow, ‘How anti-abortionists are upping the ante

Anti-abortion campaign aims to remove women’s choice by the back door‘, with comment from Jennie Bristow

Sally Sheldon, ‘The Abortion Act’s paternalism belongs to the 1960s

Nancy McDermott, ‘No bowing down before Bébé

Frank Furedi, ‘The Divided State of America

Obsession with safety is risking our children’s well-being‘, with comment from Helene Guldberg

This therapeutic madness is taking over our schools‘, with comment from Frank Furedi

Jennie Bristow, ‘Sex Selection and the abortion counselling conspiracy

Sally Sheldon, on whether ‘sex selection abortion’ is illegal

Ellie Lee, on the policy history of abortion counselling

Nancy McDermott, ‘Why I don’t ‘like’ this nipple campaign

Zoe Williams, ‘Why We Can’t Get Enough of Childbirth on TV’, with comments from Jennie Bristow and Jan Macvarish  28.1.12

Helene Guldberg, ‘Ignore these pedlars of panic, the kids are alright…

Frank Furedi, ‘Instead of drugs, children need a good dose of parenting’ The Australian  and also at: http://www.frankfuredi.com/index.php/site/article/516/

Butting Out and Letting Go‘, with Helene Guldberg 7.1.12


Bringing Up Britain, BBC Radio 4 ‘Birds, Bees and Blushes’, with Jan Macvarish 21.12.11

Hamleys’ baby steps towards gender equality‘, Zoe Williams (with comment by Ellie Lee) 13.12.11

Ellie Lee and Charlotte Faircloth, ‘Breastfeeding, an enduring doctrine’ 12.12.11

Thinking Allowed, BBC Radio 4, with Judith Suissa and Frank Furedi, discussing The Claims of Parenting12.12.11

Jennie Bristow in the Huffington Post Abortion is not a mental health problem’ 9.12.11

Jennie Bristow ‘Working mothers and the Government’s two faces’ 28.11.11

Frank Furedi in The Australian, ‘The Nanny State has no business muscling mums and dads out of the way’ 5.11.11

Trust us – we’re parents, with Jennie Bristow 30.10.11

Ellie Lee debating ‘Sex in the Brain: Do men and women think differently?’ at the Battle of Ideas 30.10.11

Nancy McDermott in The Independent, ‘Parents not up to the job?’ 28.10.11

Coverage of the conference in Nursery World. 20.9.11

Jennie Bristow offers a comprehensive write-up of the conference in her Spiked Essay on ‘Parenting and junk neuroscience’. 19.9.11

Marianne Kavanagh on ParentDish – ‘Are you a guilty parent? Time to ignore the endless bossy studies’. 17.9.11

Zoe Williams in the Guardian: ‘Come back ‘Superwoman’: the lost ideal of combining motherhood and work’ 17.9.11

The Times slightly misses the point in article suggesting that actually, the LATER years are more significant…. 17.9.11

We don’t need experts to teach us to be civil’, by Frank Furedi 13.10.11

Watch Ellie Lee debating Oliver James on BBC’s Newsnight, the night before the conference. 12.9.11

Dangerous Books for Boys? The Literacy Debate’, by Alka Sehgal Cuthbert 10.10.11

Keynote speaker Raymond Tallis featured in The Chronicle. 9.10.11

Are our kids oversexualised?’, by Jan Macvarish 4.10.11

Jennifer Howze in The New York Times referring to CPCS event on ‘parenting science’ 3.10.11

If you can read Hebrew, you can read coverage of the conference in the Israeli daily newspaper, ‘Haaretz’. 2.10.11

Much Ado About Nothing…or is it?’ with quote from Ellie Lee 2.10.11

Stephanie Knaak asks ‘Who’s to blame making parents paranoid?’ in the Boston Globe. 1.10.11

Read Jennie Bristow’s Huffington Post article attacking the ‘science tells us’ claims of family policy-makers. 16.9.11

Dr Stuart Derbyshire debates Samantha Callan of the Centre for Social Justice on BBC Radio 4′s Woman’s Hour. ‘The First Three Years – How critical are they?’ 13.9.11

Ellie Lee responds to Dr Aric Sigman’s study suggesting that daycare damages children on the Working Mums Blog. 13.9.11

Working Mums online magazine previews the conference: ‘The parenting blame game’ 12.9.11

The Guardian’s Zoe Williams debates with Guardian readers the significance of parenting to the riots. 11.9.11

The Observer highlights the key issues of the conference. 11.9.11 The Observer article was also picked up by Canadian resources ChildcareCanada.org and ChildUp

The real danger to our children’, by Frank Furedi 7.9.11

These riots were not a product of permissiveness’, by Jennie Bristow 30.8.11

Frank Furedi on ‘parenting’ and the English riots: ‘Cameron’s cure will make society sicker’ 23.8.11

Dr Spock’s Baby and Child Care at 65‘ (with comment from Jennie Bristow) 23.8.11

Why do so many mums stop breastfeeding?‘ (with comment from Ellie Lee) 20.8.11

Stuart Waiton in The Australian , ‘Failures of authority at the top lead to lawless outbreaks at the bottom’ 13.8.11

Daring to criticise child protection policies’, by Heather Piper 8.8.11

Jennie Bristow, ‘Lib-Con family policy: Maggie meets Mary Poppins’ 18.7.11

Frank Furedi, ‘Common sense, not research, nurtures our kids’ 9.7.11

Dr Ellie Lee responds to Graham Allen and Iain Duncan-Smith’s announcement on Early Intervention policy. 4.7.11 ‘University of Kent sociologist says early intervention plans are prejudice about parents masquerading as evidence’

Ellie Lee’s comment on Early Intervention policy reported in Nursery World. 4.7.11

Graham Allen’s plan aims to raise millions for early intervention schemes’ (with comment from Ellie Lee) 4.7.11

Ellie Lee, ‘Pregnancy counselling in Britain: a review of the literature’ 29.6.11

It’s not children who are sexualised … it’s us’ (with comment from Jan MacVarish) 25.6.11

The ‘Foundation Years’: For a New Generation of Mini-Camerons?’ by Jennie Bristow 20.6.11

Ellie Lee, ‘FAS: the gestation of a dubious idea’ 16.6.11

Frank Furedi argued that, ‘Western parents need to chill out about their kids’ 9.6.11

Intelligence Squared debate, ‘Western parents don’t know how to bring up their children’, with Frank Furedi, Amy Chua, Justine Roberts, Theodore Dalrymple  8.6.11

The sexualisation of children’ (BBC radio 2 ‘Jeremy Vine Show’, with Jan Macvarish) 6.6.11

Jennie Bristow, ‘The new parenting catfight: Tiger Moms v. Fun Slobs’ 26.5.11

Joan Wolf, ‘Stop feeding moms breastfeeding myths: Research says formula is perfectly fine for infant health’ 26.5.11

Don’t touch – paranoia endangers children on sport courses’ (with comment from Heather Piper about her ESRC study. £) 22.5.11

The parental spending craze’ (with comment from Frank Furedi) 17.5.11

Parenting guru Brain Caplan prescribes less fuss – and more fun’ (with comment from Ellie Lee) 15.5.11

Mother’s milk show’ (CBC radio show, White Coat Black Art, referring to CPCS briefing on infant feeding) 6.5.11

Unpopular children’ (BBC Radio 4 Woman’s Hour item in friendship, with Jennie Bristow) 28.4.11

Hope and ambition at the school for teenage mothers’ (with comment from Jan Macvarish) 19.4.11

Frank Furedi ‘Good, bad, or none of our business’ The Australian 8.4.11


Sex offenders including paedophones should be allowed to adopt, Theresa May told‘ (report by Helen Reece) 15.12.10

Woman’s Hour, ‘Should former sex offenders be allowed to adopt children?’ (with Helen Reece) 1.12.10

Let sex offenders adopt and work with children, says report’ (by Helen Reece) 30.11.10

Impact, but on our terms’, by Ellie Lee 28.10.10

Why is policy obsessed with teenage pregnancy?’, by Jan Macvarish 22.10.10

Bringing Up Britain’ (with Jennie Bristow) 16.10.10

The myth of male postnatal depression’, by Ellie Lee 4.10.10

Bringing up baby is not an exact science, by Jennie Bristow 28.9.10

Review of Final ESRC conference, ‘Extending parenting backwards’ in Abortion Review: 19.7.10

Report calls for end to Vetting and Barring Scheme‘. An updated edition of Licensed to Hug by Professor Frank Furedi and Jennie Bristow has just been published. 27.9.10

Call to scrap child contact vetting system‘ 27.9.10

Have today’s young people been dealt a bad hand by the older generation?‘ Shiv Malik, one of the authors of Jilted Generation: How Britain has Bankrupted Its Youth, and sociologist Professor Frank Furedi debate the battle of the generations. 28.8.10

How will Cameron fare?‘ (with comment from Ellie Lee) 24.8.10

‘Let the breastfeeding rebellion begin’ The Guardian (with comment from Ellie Lee) 18.7.10

What’s wrong with feeding your baby formula?‘ 11.7.10

Zoe Williams, For Americans, Courts do far more than just test the law 23.6.10

Woman’s Hour, ‘Alcohol and Pregnancy‘, with Professor Janet Golden and Dr Ellie Lee (scroll to Item 4) 22.6.10

Have we created too many rules for pregnancy?‘ 17.6.10

BBC News online, More and more rules’ on pregnancy 17.6.10

Post-natal depression in fathers ‘often undiagnosed’’ 18.5.10

For trusting my daughter, I was treated as a criminal’, by Nancy McDermott 12.5.10

Helicopter Parenting – What is it and Where Does it Come From?’, by Stephanie Knaak 14.4.10

Carol Midgely ‘The Tories’ sexed-up dossier misses the point’The Times (£) 18.2.10

Zoe Williams ‘Never mind the data. Teen parents just must be bad’The Guardian (with comment on Jan Macvarish’s work) 17.2.10

Frank Furedi ‘Poor parenting “blamed for all”‘BBC News 16.2.10

Jennie Bristow  ‘The great myth of me-time’The Times (£) 16.2.10

Frank Furedi ‘Rescuing adult authority in the twenty-first century’ spiked 15.2.10

‘The middle classes can learn a lot from teenage parents’The Guardian 14.2.10

‘Teenage pregnancy more opportunity than catastrophe, says study’The Guardian 12.2.10 (commenting on Jan Macvarish’s work)

‘Giving new life to the role of the father’ BBC News (with comment from Ellie Lee) 20.1.10


‘A decade of parenting as left working mothers feeling guilty and tired’.  (with comment from Frank Furedi) Daily Telegraph 17.12.09

‘The drift towards professional parenting must be resisted’. Community Care By Michael Fitzpatrick 25.11.09

‘The perils of modern parenting: whatever happened to muddling through?’ Daily Telegraph (with comment from Frank Furedi) 2.10.09

It takes a village to raise a child? Not any more’. By Frank Furedi 28.9.09

‘There’s more to parenting than egg production’ By Jennie Bristow spiked 21.9.09

‘Intensive Parenting’ Society Today (coverage of our conference)

‘Bottle-feeding support “lacking”‘ BBC News 26.7.09

The mother of all interventions
.‘ We should roundly reject the new UK report which argues that time-stretched parents are producing damaged children By Helene Guldberg. 2.2.09

The Observer. ‘

Are our children really in crisis, or the victims of parents’ anxiety?‘ 
With comment from Tim Gill. 1.2.09


We keep children safe to let them run wild‘, by Frank Furedi: 18.11.08

Why Moral Opportunists are Exploiting this Tragedy‘, by Frank Furedi 18.11.08

Targeting Teenage Mums‘, by Jan Macvarish 18.11.08

‘Baby P’: Don’t turn this Tragedy into a Policy‘ by Jennie Bristow 12.11.08

Licensed to Hug, How child protection policies are poisoning the relationship between the generations and damaging the voluntary sector by Frank Furedi and Jennie Bristow was published in June by Civitas. 26.6.08 Read the extensive media coverage generated by this publication


‘Tyranny of the child gurus: you don’t have to be a paranoid parent’. The Independent (coverage of our conference)22.6.07

‘The Nanny State: Monstering of the Modern Mother’. The Independent on Sunday (coverage of our conference) 20.6.07

‘Monitoring mums and dads’. (by Nancy McDermott) spiked, 29.5.07

‘Our cotton wool kids’. (coverage of our conference) The Times, 24.5.07

‘A plague on those parenting know-alls’. (with comment from Frank Furedi) Daily Mail 24.5.07

‘Supernanny undermines parents’. (coverage of our conference) Herald Sun (Australia), 23.5.07

‘How Supernanny could be damaging the family’. (coverage of our conference) The Daily Mail 22.5.07

‘Parenting experts “ruining family life”’. The Daily Telegraph (with comment from Frank Furedi) 21.5.07

Frank Furedi ‘The Mother of all Parenting Battles‘ 9.10.07 (£)

Christina Hardyment ‘Avoid the Nursery Wars‘ 24.12.07 (£)