Was It Good For You: Adam Beaman

Continuing the series profiling muscial alumni of the University of Kent. This week, Adam Beaman.


Adam Beaman
Looking sharp: Adam Beaman

When were you at Kent ? 


What subject did you study ?


What occupation are you now engaged in ? 

 Auditor for a bookshop chain

If music is not your profession, do you participate in any musical experiences now ?

Only when sat next to Sophie Meikle.

How were you involved in music whilst at Kent ?

I turned up to Orchestra most weeks, in fact twenty years later I am still sitting in the same place…

What did you gain from your University music experience, and has this helped you in any way since leaving Kent ?

I got a lot of love and friendship.

What was your most memorable musical experience at Kent ?

I still haven’t fully recovered from an experience in the OTE.

What would you say to current musical students at the University ?



If you’re an alumnus and would like to be featured, get in touch via the Music Department website: we’d love to hear from you!

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