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Planning your journey for adverse weather

With evenings getting darker, adverse weather on the horizon, and temporary road closures, knowing the best way to travel can be tricky. Whatever the situation, the Transport Team’s Planning your Journey page has been developed to help plan your commute.

Travel Advisors update the page regularly with new apps, webpages, and social media links that give up to date information on road, rail, bus, and bicycle travel.

Now that winter is looming, we are updating the Transport web pages with the latest adverse weather information, and we will also endeavor to update you on our twitter page if there are any travel disruptions on or around our campuses.

Remember that weather can change at any time. Be prepared for this before you start your journey, no matter the mode of transport.

Ensure that you and your vehicle are prepared for driving in adverse weather conditions. Read some top tips to prepare for driving during the winter and don’t forget to plan your journey before you leave so you are aware of any disruptions.

Public transport, cycling and walking

  • Plan your journey, check if there are problems on public transport or local roads
  • Delay your journey, if possible, to allow temperatures to rise and ice or snow to melt
  • Avoid footways in the shade. It takes longer for ice or snow to melt in the shade
  • Always wear appropriate footwear and reflective/bright clothing
  • Ensure that you have a torch or lights so motorists and others can see you when walking or cycling. Think Be Bright Be Seen.



Parking and Road Updates

Student Centre (Sports Centre pink zone car park)from now until Wednesday 31 July

36 bays will be closed to assist with the building of the Student Centre (SPS and Biosciences), as requested by Estates Department.

Works to replace Tennis Centre (Pavilion car park) – from now until Tuesday 31 December

9 bays closed to assist with works to replace Tennis Centre, as requested by Estates Project Office.

School of History School visit (Giles Lane car park) – Wednesday 15 May

8 bays reserved to assist with School visit minibus parking, as requested by School of History.

Summer Ball 2019 (Eliot car park) – Monday 27 May – Monday 3 June

42 bays reserved to assist with Summer Ball 2019, as requested by Kent Union.

U3A and UoK Research showcase (Rutherford car park) – Tuesday 28 May

Rutherford car park closed. 117 bays reserved to assist with U3A and UoK Research showcase event parking, as requested by School of Arts.

U3A and UoK Research showcase (Central Visitors car park) – Tuesday 28 May

14 bays reserved to assist with U3A and UoK Research showcase event parking, as requested by School of Arts.

Summer Ball Taxi rank (Rutherford car park) – Saturday 1 June 17.00 – Sunday 2 June 03.00

42 bays reserved to assist with 2019 Summer Ball, as requested by Kent Union.

Giles Lane Update- 24 July 2018

The works in the Giles Lane car park are progressing well. The pink zone is in the process of being levelled and drainage and data cable routes are being dug.  100% of the waste produced by the works is being sent outside of the University to be recycled.

Overflow parking

To enable us to provide sufficient parking for everyone, we are working in partnership with Kent Sport to have overflow parking available once the bays in the Park Wood car parks are full. There are two over flow car parks, both accessed via Park Wood Road:

  • The first overflow car park is situated around the edge of the sports pitch next to the Sports Pavilion. It is for the use of staff and student permit holders, as well as University Visitors issued with an e permit.
  • The second overflow car park is situated around the edge of the Sports Field at the top of Park Wood Road next to the Oaks car park. This is for the use of permit holders. It will also be used by the Contractors working in the Park Wood Courts areas.

Both overflow car parks are signposted on Park Wood Road. Please ensure all your visitors issued with an e-permit are aware that parking is busy on campus at the moment and notify them of all the parking areas. Details on visitor parking are on our web pages. If you are planning an event on campus over the summer which will require parking for visitors please contact the Transport team as soon as possible to discuss your requirements.

The use of the overflow car parks is weather dependent.   We will keep you updated via Transport News on our website and our twitter page (@unikent_travel) if there are any changes to this.

If there are no car parking spaces available in the overflow car park, please try the Park Wood courts.  Our interactive parking map shows all the car parks on campus, with information on the number of bays in each area.

If you are struggling to find a parking space, please call Campus Security (01227 823300) who may be able to look on the CCTV and advise you where parking is available.

25 July – 8 August 2018

There will be a large number of families staying in the Park Wood Courts accommodation over this period.  Please take extra care and drive slowly in Park Wood as there will be children running around and playing in this area, including on the roadways.  Please note that the speed limit on Park Wood Road itself is a maximum of 20 miles per hour.

During this period the Oaks car park will be reopened to staff, student and visitor permit holders. We will continue to assess whether this area is needed for coach and minibus parking and will advise accordingly.

Car Park Disruptions- Canterbury and Medway campuses

Canterbury Campus

Giles Lane car park closure (Giles Lane car park, Canterbury)

  • Monday 9 July – September – Giles Lane car park is closed over the summer for essential maintenance and improvement works to take place. This closure has been requested by the Estates Department. For more information see our Giles Lane car park changes webpage.

Canterbury Retreat (Purchase Court 1-16 car park, Canterbury)

  • Monday 22 July- Sunday 9 August–  Purchase Court 1-16 car park will be closed for the Canterbury retreat. This closure has been requested by the Conference Office.

Oaks Coach and Minibus park (Oaks Car Park, Canterbury)

  • Wednesday 25 July- Oaks car park will reopen to permit holders whilst the Canterbury retreat is in Parkwood. After 8 August, we will continue to assess whether this area is needed for coach and minibus parking and advise accordingly.

Rothford car park closure (Rothford car park, Canterbury)

  • Sunday 5 August –Thursday 9 August– Rear of Rothford car park closed to dismantle the UPP compound and reopen the bays in this area. This closure has been requested by UPP.

Medway campus

There are no known car park disruptions to Medway campus for the next two weeks. Any disruptions that we are made aware of will be updated on the transport events calendar.

Parkwood Road Closure

Parkwood Road will be closed from Monday 23 June to Tuesday 24 June. This is due to urgent repairs and cabling works which need to be carried out.

For those two days, the one way system will allow two way traffic to give access to the car parks coming off of Park Wood road. We will not lose any parking spaces as a result of the closure.

Buses will be unable to serve Parkwood during the works.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

For more information on car park closures please see the Staff and Student Transport Calendar. 


Canterbury car park and road disruptions

Giles Lane road, which runs through the Canterbury campus, is a public highway. Over summer there will be some disruptions to the road while maintenance works are carried out. These works have been arranged over the summer break to cause minimal disruption. Please see below to learn when these works are occurring and any other car park disruptions at Canterbury campus.

16 June- Giles Lane car park

30 bays will be reserved in Giles Lane blue zone for an event being held at the Gulbenkian.

19-20 June- Rothford car park

The bays near to Keynes in Rothford car park will be closed while UPP set up a works compound so they can carry out refurbishments in Keynes. The car park bays near to Giles Lane will remain open.  If you require accessible bays on 19 or 20 June please contact us.

The car park will be reopened on Wednesday 21 June including accessible bays, minus approximately 8 bays which will be for the UPP site including contractor parking for the duration of the project. Kent Hospitality are also using approximately 4 bays in the Rothford car park near to Keynes for their portacabin.

19 June- 8 July- Woolf car park

Woolf car park (approximately 15 bays) will be closed for three weeks to assist UPP with their foul water pumping station project. The accessible bays within the Woolf Quad will still be available.

18 June- 15 September- Giles lane car park (section on right hand side as you drive in located behind Woolf)

The section of Giles Lane blue zone car park located behind Woolf College will be closed to create a coach and minibus park to assist Kent Hospitality, Enrolment Management Services and Partnership Development Office with conference guests and school visits. This is approximately 40 bays. Please note that on occasions the coach park size will increase as more coaches are expected on certain days.  We will notify you if and when there will be changes.

24- 30 June- Giles Lane road 3 way traffic lights- UPP

There will be three-way traffic lights on the roundabout between Woolf and Darwin on Giles Lane for approximately 7 days. This is to assist UPP with the foul water pumping station project. The traffic lights will be removed in time for the July Open Day.

3-8 July – Giles Lane part road closure- South East Water

South East Water are required to close a small section of Giles Lane adjacent to Woodlands Way for approximately 5 days. A diversion will be in place along University road. Rothford car park will remain open but will not be accessible from the main campus. It will be accessible from Giles Lane via St Thomas Hill/ Whitstable road.

Late August – Giles Lane road closure- Kent Highways

We just wanted to let you know in advance that large sections of Giles Lane will be closed overnight (19.00-05.00) for 5 consecutive nights in late August for resurfacing and relining works by Kent Highways. Access will still be available. We will update when the dates have been confirmed. This work is being carried out overnight to reduce disruption.

Car park disruptions for Kent Union Summer Ball 2017

Kent Union Summer Ball

Wednesday 31 May- Sunday 4 June – Eliot car park will be fully closed during this period to allow Kent Union to set up and hold their annual Summer Ball (approx. 35 bays). Please ensure your vehicle is removed by 22.00 on Tuesday 30 May. Kent Union will hand back the car park at 8.30 on Monday 5 June and will be reopened if safe and agreed with Estates to do so.

Saturday 3 June- Rutherford car park will be fully closed to create a temporary taxi rank to assist with the Kent Union Summer Ball. Please ensure your vehicle is removed by 22.00 on Friday 2 June. Rutherford car park will be reopened on Sunday 4 June.

Accessible parking during this closure

We have contacted all Government Blue Badge holders or Accessible Bay permit holders who we are aware use Eliot car park, however if we have not contacted you and you have a requirement to park in Eliot car park during this closure please contact the Transport Team as soon as possible so that we can arrange alternative parking for you.

Where to park

Spaces should be available in other car parks. Please see map for location of car parks: https://www.kent.ac.uk/estates/services/parking/Parking%20Sep%202016%20map.pdf

Canterbury car park disruptions week commencing 13 March

Applicant days

Applicant days are essential recruitment events for the University. The number of reserved parking bays within Giles Lane car park for visitors to these events is as follows:

  • Monday 13 March- 36 bays
  • Wednesday 15 March- 189 bays
  • Thursday 16 March- 23 bays

Humanities meeting

  • Wednesday 15 March- 10 bays will be reserved in Darwin car park for VIP guests to a meeting hosted by the Dean of Humanities

Sibson move

  • Thursday 16 March to Sunday 19 March- the accessible bays in Rutherford car park will be temporarily relocated (still located near to the building, in Rutherford car park) to allow for a loading bay to aid with the relocation into the Sibson building

Rothford path resurfacing works

  • Monday 13 March to Friday 24 March- approximately 5 bays will be closed in Rothford car park. The pathway alongside Rothford, Belmont Bungalow, Highlands and Hilltops will also be closed while essential resurfacing works take place

Innovation Centre

  • Reminder that the car park in front of the Innovation Centre is not a University of Kent car park and any member of staff or student parked within this area will be subject to 4.1.9 of the University Traffic Regulations.University of Kent pink zone permit holders and visitors can use the Beverley farm car park

Where to park

Please remember that Accessible Bays can only be used by valid Government Blue Badge holders or University of Kent Accessible Permit holders. It is essential that these bays are kept free for those who require them.

There are 528 parking bays in Giles Lane car parks. This means that over a third of the parking bays will be closed to permit holders on Wednesday. On this day, Campus Security will endeavour to inform staff and students when this car park is full by placing notices on Giles Lane.

You may find that you are required to park in the Park Wood Courts car parks in front of the residences and therefore we recommend you consider this when planning your journey to the campus.

As per the Traffic Regulations, although we do not guarantee a space, parking should still be available in other car parks including car parks around Park Wood Courts. There are pedestrian signs within Park Wood Courts which inform you of the average time required to walk to the main campus. Alternatively, you can use the Park and Ride bus ticket that was sent with your parking permit to travel to and from the main campus.

Car Park locations can be found on the following link but if you are unsure please contact us.


Parking enforcement will continue in accordance with the University Regulations for the Management of Traffic.

Thank you for your cooperation