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What’s new

  • Upcoming Event, ‘Abortion in Britain, Past, Present and Future’. Free to attend but please book here
  • Early Intervention: Adverse Childhood Experiences. In December 2017, the UK House of Commons Science and Technology Select Committee launched an Inquiry into the evidence-base for early years intervention, with a particular focus on programmes influenced by the concept of ‘Adverse Childhood Experiences’ (ACEs). CPCS associates collaborated to produce a submission which sets out some grounds on which the claims made about ACEs might be questioned.  Find out more, including links to the submission, here. 

  • Pregnancy and Parenting Culture Read more about our work and events on this theme using the following links: Policing Pregnancy  and Abortion Research

  • Sociological Research Online Special Section ‘Making Parents across Borders’ edited by Charlotte Faircloth and Zeynep Gurtin, looking at the relationship between Assisted Reproduction and Parenting Culture

  • CPCS book: Parenting Culture Studies Why have the minutiae of how parents raise their children become routine sources of public debate and policy making? This book provides in-depth answers to these features drawing on a wide range of sources from sociology, history, anthropology and psychology, covering developments in both Europe and North America. See more information about the book, and buy it here.

  • Read this feature in Kent Magazine, celebrating three years of our Centre.