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The ‘Spirit of Freshers’ winners!

Congratulations to the Music Society, which has won the ‘Stand that Most Embraced the Spirit of Freshers 2013’ award! (That’ll be easy to engrave on the gem-encrusted goblet no doubt coming its way…)

It’s a tribute to the hard work of all the Society, and in particular its forward-looking executive trio of Emma, Matt and Rebecca, who have worked tirelessly to invigorate the musical life of the campus at the beginning of the academic year, and to the members of the committee who’ve established a vibrant presence since bursting into life in the marquee during Freshers Week.

Everyone's a winner...
Everyone’s a winner…

Now onwards with the rest of the year!

Dispatches from the front-line: Freshers’ Fayre

Secretary Lucy and President Alanya: the A-team in action!


It’s 1pm, and Freshers’ Fayre is in full swing across the campus. The marquees are thrumming with eager society members cajoling passers-by into signing up for everything from rock-climbing to capoiera, reps from Subway are handing out vouchers alongside a giant walking hot-dog (no, I’ve not taken anything to affect the senses…) and, over by the Marlowe building, teams are having a tug-o’-war over ‘Spots and Stripes’ from Cadbury’s, a most popular stand, I can’t think why… I kept an eye out for the Pirates’ Society, which had a lively and visible presence last year, but I seem to have missed them this time. Everywhere from The Venue to the Templeman Library and the Gulbenkian Theatre, you can’t move without being accosted by enthusiastic teams, eager to sign you up for a range of activities and societies that show how rich and diverse the University’s community life is each year. 

Music Theatre Society
On song: Music Theatre Society


Down in the Eliot College marquee, members of the Music Society, Music Theatre Society and RockSoc are busy signing up new and returning members keen to participate in Kent’s rich musical life. Brochures, hand-outs and flyers are rushing off tables; there’s a general air of bewildered excitement at the prospect of all the cultural activities across the campus starting anew this year. I’m sure the other music-related societies are there as well, it’s just the vibrant crowds always seemed to be moving the opposite way to me. Eventually I had to ride with the throng until I was regurgitated out of the other side like Jonah from the whale, along with a second-year Chorus member who’d come to sign up again. (Wherever you are, Ed: we did it: we survived!).    


Update: 5pm, end of the day. The Secretary to the Music Society reports that there are over four hundred people who’ve signed up to the Music Society this year, and all the publicity materials have been given out, and can we print even more next year please ?

Well done to all the Committee and society members who have worked tirelessly throughout this afternoon, and who have now repaired to the Gulbenkian Café with the Director of Music for some well-earned refreshment. It will all be worth it. 

RockSoc at Freshers' Fayre
Rock solid: Kent RockSoc