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Making waves at Medway: Defunk’d

Causing a (musical) riot this year at the Medway campus is Defunk’d, a six-piece band hailing from Gillingham, Kent, which features two of this year’s Music Scholarship Students, Rob Mayzes (bass) and Jack Tann (drums).

The group originally started as a jamming band formed by students studying Music Technology at the Medway campus, but soon very quickly discovered it had a lot of local interest in its music after its first gig.

Following their success in winning Battle of the Bands 2012, they have started played numerous gigs around the local area, with the student bar ‘Coopers’  at Medway being its regular outlet.

The band is in the process of making some studio recordings, and will be working on some more original material for future gigs.

You can also hear some of the band’s recent recordings on their Facebook page here.

Keep an ear out for them on the Medway scene…