Rock Choir in Colyer-Fergusson: a staff member takes part

We were delighted to welcome members of Rock Choir from Canterbury, Ashford, Deal, Folkestone and Thanet to give three sell-out concerts in Colyer-Fergusson last weekend, skilfully and energetically conducted by Kent alumnus, Jonathan Grosberg. Myfanwy Williams, Administrative Assistant to the Estates department, was taking part. A member of the former Estates Team Choir, here she reflects on her weekend singing in the concert-hall.

I couldn’t believe my good fortune when I got the chance to perform with Canterbury Rock Choir in Colyer-Fergusson Hall! When I joined the Estates Department I minuted the monthly project board meetings for the Colyer-Fergusson building at a time when the project was nearing its completion.


I knew that the choir had chosen a venue with outstanding acoustics which would show us off to best advantage, and it did not disappoint.  Family and friends loved the performances and so did I – every minute of it!  The choir sounded its absolute best and I’m still buzzing from the excitement of it all!  I don’t play a musical instrument, I’m not musical but I can sing in tune and love singing. To get the chance to perform in the hall was absolutely marvellous.

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  1. Trust me, this choir can make you day better. I once attended to one of their concerts. I actually live in Denmark, but at that time, I was visiting UK. Had a great time – great voices, great show. It was just an amazing experience.

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