First rehearsals: a look back with the conductors

As the first week comes to an end, the conductors of the various ensembles reflect on their first rehearsals in the new concert-hall;

  • conductor of the University Concert and Big Bands, Ian Swatman, takes a look at Wednesday night’s session and ponders acoustics and the urge to wear slippers over on the Big Band blog, ‘On the Beat.’
  • conductor of the University Chamber and Cecilian Choirs, Dan Harding, considers the joys of singing Britten and stepping in sedate circles over on the choral blog, ‘Cantus Firmus;’
  • conductor of the Symphony Orchestra, Susan Wanless, reviews last night’s rehearsal on the Orchestra’s blog,’Playing Up!’.

Stand by for the last ‘first’ rehearsal with the University Chorus on Monday night…

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