(Card)Board meeting: the model is growing

Interior of the hall
View of choral seating as though from the audience

The near-complete version of the Colyer-Fergusson centre for Music Performance model made the trip from London to Canterbury last Friday, unscathed, in a Golf.

The hall itself is now fully realised, as is the reception foyer with its performance stage and enjoining social space. You start to get a real sense of what it will feel like to sit in the audience seating (pictured to right), with the breadth of window on the west wall and recessed aperture in the roof admitting plenty of light.

The model also gives a sense of how the interior spaces relate to one another and lines of sight: from the social space, there’s a view straight down the length of the foyer, whilst someone on the foyer’s performance stage can see through the doors and into the main hall.

Exterior of the building
Let's go outside: exterior view

It also begins to give a sense of the exterior of the building: not yet present in the realisation is the north section, with the practice rooms on the ground floor and suite of offices and rehearsal rooms on the upper floor.

It’s starting to get very exciting indeed! Feed your anticipation by viewing the gallery of photos taken at the meeting.

Image gallery

One thought on “(Card)Board meeting: the model is growing”

  1. Will there be any facilities for recording? In particular a soundproof control room and and mechanisms for flying microphones rather than having to obstruct audience line of sight with booms.

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