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Hand on Art: should the arts be a consideration in this election?

With voting in the election set to start in less that twenty four hours, time for one last guest post on ‘Election Views,’ as people make their final considerations before casting their vote.

Polling station
Time to get casting...

Is it important to consider the arts policies and attitudes of campaigning parties when deciding for whom to vote ? Should we rather be considering their views on employment, education, and frontline services ?

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Culture Secretaries are like buses…

As usual, the arts have become a political football in the run-up to the election, with each party avowing its commitment to the arts and its funding in one way or another.

If, like me, you’re interested in the future of the arts, with its implications for which way you might be planning to vote next month, then this will be useful to you: Tom Service, music critic for ‘The Guardian‘ and broadcaster for Radio 3, recently interviewed on-air the Culture Secretary from each of the three main parties.

There is a concise summary of his interview on his blog here, plus a link to the programme which will be available on iPlayer until Saturday.

Interesting stuff…

Let’s Get This Party started: Guest post on ‘Election Views.’

Hitting the campaign trail: 'Election Views'

 I’m delighted to have been invited to launch the University’s new ‘Election Views’ blog with its first post.

The new blog is kick-started by ‘Let’s Get This Party started,’ a look back at some of the Labour Party’s campaign music choices, whilst we all nervously wait for this season’s tunes-tastic selections to be announced.

There’ll be a follow-up post when all the musical choices have been announced.

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