The big day: we’re on the move

The day is here, and we’re moving into the new music building as I write – literally. I’m standing amongst various items of furniture in the new foyer, which we’re gradually dispatching to the various practice-rooms, watching the modular staging being put together that will form a performance area in the new foyer.

As is customary, we’ve been carrying chairs hither and yon; I’m sure that’s in our job descriptions somewhere. And former Music Society President and tuba-player alumnus Chris is back, helping oversee moving equipment from Eliot into the new hall.

Rehearsals will start in the new building forthwith; exciting times beckon… Follow pictures from the day on Twitter.

(Now back to the chairs…!)

One thought on “The big day: we’re on the move”

  1. Exciting times! I’m sure no one will miss the tiny store room next to Eliot hall – I remember it always being a nightmare getting stuff in an out when setting up concert band and big band rehearsals!

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