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The Unsemble next week: help us raise money for Children in Need!

Our very first scratch band, the Unsemble, will meet for the first time at lunchtime on Friday 13 November when we come together for a light-hearted playing of the Pink Panther theme in aid of this year’s Children in Need appeal.

pink_pantherIf you’ve ever started an instrument and then given up, or not played for many years, then this is for you! It’s all about taking part – the more terrible a player you are, the better! Come and join in at 1.10pm when Colyer-Fergusson Hall will resound to a ‘performance’ unlike anything it has seen hitherto. We’ll even provide kazoos if you haven’t got an instrument with you, and there promises to be an unmissable brass section…


Here’s a short promotional video for the occasion, featuring the highly-accomplished brass-playing of Nicholas Thurston and Your Loyal Correspondent. What could be more enticing…

Brass cheek: preparing for Unsemble Children in Need next month

Some serious preparation has been taking place this morning, as some of the Music staff had a brass sectional rehearsal, led by the Deputy Director of Music’s son, himself a budding trumpet player.


IMG_3579_webTo the astonishment of Ian Swatman, Jonty put the Director and Deputy Director of Music through their paces in a bid to form a fledgling brass ensemble for the department’s Children in Need event on Friday 13 November.

Open to anyone who’s ever started an instrument – and then stopped! – or only taken up to Grade 3, the Unsemble will be getting together for a scratch performance of ‘The Pink Panther’ theme on the day to raise money for this year’s Children in Need appeal.

Come along and find out how we get on (there’s even the prospect of two sousaphones adding to the brass section, and the Music Assistant on viola); and if you’ve an instrument yourself, come and take part!

Pudsey BearMore details here.

The Unsemble: come and play The Pink Panther for Children in Need!

Have you ever taken up an instrument – and then stopped ?! Did you get to Grade 2, or even 3, and then give up playing ?

Pudsey BearWell, if you did – then the Unsemble is for you! Next month, as part of Children in Need, we’re inviting any instrumentalists amongst the students, staff and alumni who didn’t progress beyond Grade 3 to come and take up their instrument once more, head to Colyer-Fergusson Hall at lunchtime on Friday 13 November, and join in a scratch group performance of The Pink Panther theme – all in a good cause!

(Yours Truly will be borrowing his son’s cornet for the occasion, and there’s even the promise of a member of the Health and Safety team bringing a sousaphone… What could possibly go wrong ?! )

pink_pantherAll this musical mayhem will take place from 1.10-1.30pm on Friday 13 November; if you don’t have an instrument (or have actually progressed beyond Grade 3!), then you’re welcome to come along and listen; come and find out how we all get on…Find out more online here, and join up to the Facebook Event page here.