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Summer Music Week: back in the hall for the first time since November…

Rehearsals for Summer Music Week were especially welcome this week, as the ensembles returned to the concert-hall for the first time since last November.

Orchestra returns to the hall

All week, the hall has been reinvigorated with the sound of Concert Band, Big Band, Chamber Choir, String Sinfonia and Orchestra rehearsing for the series of events in a few weeks’ time; and several of the Music Scholars have been working on chamber music as well.

Concert Band back in action
String Sinfonia

It’s a welcome return to live music-making, hearing the building resound to ensemble music once more.

String-playing Music Scholars

It’s good to be back!

Music Scholar, Joanna



Summer Music Week 2021: rehearsals are underway

For the first time since December, we’re able to resume in-person rehearsals once more, as we come together in preparation for this year’s somewhat smaller (but no less welcome!) Summer Music Week.

It’s the first week of term, and at first the Chamber Choir and String Sinfonia have begun rehearsals, as well as some of this year’s Music Scholars in preparation for various recitals.

Photo: Flo Peycelon

Wednesday night saw Concert Band and Big Band back in action:

Photo; Jonathan Stott

And Thursday saw the Symphony Orchestra coming together tutti for the first time since March 2020:

Photo: Ian Swatman


It’s a very welcome return to music-making! Follow the pictorial story through the term over on our Pinterest board here; Summer Music Week is on its way…

Small steps as in-person rehearsals bring music to the concert-hall once more

Small steps; slowly but surely, live music-making has been returning to the concert-hall this week, and various ensembles have begun small, socially-distanced rehearsals.

Concert Band sectional rehearsal

For the first time since March, harmonies have been blossoming in the hall; the Chamber Choir on Monday, the Cecilian Choir on Wednesday, four string-players from the String Sinfonia in the afternoon, and on Wednesday night, sectional rehearsals for the Concert Band and Big Band.

The Cecilian Choir in rehearsal

We find ourselves, of course, having to manage rehearsals differently in these strange times, with strict protocols, socially-distanced seating set out on a grid, and rehearsal time limited to one hour. It’s taking some getting used to, but there is a growing sense of joy at being able to make music with others, in person, in real time; from the Renaissance polyphony of Italy to the swirling desert of Arabia and the forests of Finland, and the highly-apposite Who’s That Masked Man concert band piece, music from around the world has filled the concert-hall for the first time after seven months of silence; and it’s been quite an experience to be part of the return of live music.

Players from the String Sinfonia

It’s been a very exciting week; thank you to all the staff and students who’ve been with us as we find our feet once more.

Here in the Music department, of course, we do take our roles very seriou…

Oh well…