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Zoom For Thought: Radio Lento interview: episode two

This week’s episode of our Zoom For Thought podcast is the second episode featuring an interview with Radio Lento, the weekly podcast presenting ‘sound postcards from beautiful places.’

In the second part of the interview with Hugh, he reflects on listening to the skies over his back garden over lockdown when air traffic had been suspended; the impact of drone technology on environmental sound; the importance of listening in to other worlds; and the idea of structured listening to the environment compared to listening to music.

Listen to the episode on Spotify here.

(You can hear the first episode here.)



Zoom For Thought: an interview with Radio Lento

This week’s episode in our podcast series is the first of several featuring Hugh Huddy, who, with his wife Madeleine, is the creative force behind Radio Lento, a podcast series presenting wonderfully evocative soundscapes recorded in the natural environment. From dawn chorus in the Forest of Dean to shingle beaches at Folkestone, each Radio Lento episode presents an immersive listening experience, offering, in Hugh’s own words, ‘weekly sound postcards from beautiful places.’

In this first episode, Hugh reflects on the challenges of recording the natural world; the concept of authenticity and being true to the practice of capturing the environment in sound, in single, unedited takes; and similarities between listening to soundscapes and to music, and the idea of defeating time.

Listen on Spotify here, or on Anchor here.