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All the fun of the (Freshers’) Fayre

We’ve reached the end of Welcome Week here at Kent, at today sees the second day of Freshers’ Fayre on the Canterbury campus. The piazza outside Jarman and the marquee in Eliot car-park  thrum with activity, as the myriad societies vie for punters amongst faces new and old thronging the campus.

Amongst the hordes can be spotted members of the Music Society, who over the past two days have been spreading the word about the profusion of extra-curricular music-making opportunities afforded to students (and staff!) in the University community; yesterday the committee was based in the foyer in Colyer-Fergusson, where the live stage also hosted live chamber music; today, the committee is in the Eliot marquee.

Music Society Exec 2018: l-r Alice Shires (Secretary), Fleur Sumption (President), Molly Richetta (Treasurer)

Well done to all the team involved over the past several days, led from the front by this year’s Music Society President, third-year Fine Art student, Fleur Sumption (pictured above), supported by her very active team. The Music Society will be joined by the Musical Theatre Society at the Music Intro on Monday 24th October at 7.30pm in Colyer-Fergusson, open to all students at the University, to meet Music Department staff, learn more about the various ensembles and sign up for auditions. See you Monday…

All the fun of the (Freshers’) Fayre

It’s Welcome Week; it’s Thursday; and that means only one thing; Freshers’ Fayre is in full swing!

Campus is a-thrum with activity as the various societies and organisations endeavour to entice new arrivals to the University; the Music Society is in evidence with a stall both in Colyer-Fergusson foyer as well as in Eliot marquee, together with the Music Theatre Society and RockSoc. Head along to find out more about what’s on offer; there’s even cake, sweets and assorted other goodies awaiting you…

The Music Society will also be in Colyer-Fergusson foyer tomorrow (Friday), and the Music Theatre Society will be performing on the foyer-stage at lunchtime. Come and get involved.

All the fun of the Freshers’ Fair

Well done to the new Music Society team for their hard work both yesterday and today; today the society stall was awash with people signing up amidst a thronging hubbub in the Eliot marquee.

Last year’s President, Emma, cheerfully serenaded passers-by with her accordion – one expected to see spontaneous Morris dancing break out or riotous shanty-ing – whilst the string-players were out in force, with Amy gainfully sporting the sandwich-board whilst Chantelle and Leilan press-ganged – sorry, encouraged – potential Camerata and Orchestra players to sign up.

Elsewhere, the rest of the society team were manning – and womaning! – the society stall amongst the surging hoardes. Well done, team; it all starts next week…!


All the fun of the (Freshers’) Fayre

With Freshers’ Week in full spate, today and tomorrow sees the Freshers’ Fayre, when all manner of societies across the University will be endeavouring to convince and cajole new students into joining the vast swathe of societies that makes up University Life.

The Music Society is no exception, and is currently ensconced in the foyer of the Colyer-Fergusson Building, as various committee members meet-and-greet new members of the University, talk to them about the various musical ensembles and opportunities on offer, and even bribe them with sweets…

There’s even been live jazz from some of the University Music Scholars on the foyer-stage, the first live musical event of the year.

Come and find them tomorrow, when they’ll be in the Freshers’ Fayre over in Eliot; see what’s on offer musically here at Kent, and maybe there’ll even be some sweets left…


High societies: at the Freshers’ Fayre

With Freshers’ Week in full swing, the campus is a-swarm with life, and yesterday’s Freshers’ Fayre saw all the student societes attempting to seduce new (and former) students into the myriad temptations on offer by each society as part of the University’s rich and dynamic campus life.

High Society!

The Music Society and Music Theatre Societies spent the day promoting their respective groups to the thronging masses passing either through the Eliot marquee or the Jarman Piazza gazebo.

The Music Society has a brand-new look this year, trending rich purple colourways [is this a fashion column ?] and a new society logo. Pictured left standing their ground amidst the throng on the front-line: Ben Walker (Band Librarian), Chris Gray (President), Matt Bamford (Chorus Rep), Hannah Lilley (Chorus Librarian), Kathryn Redgers  (Orchestra Libraria), Nicola Ingram (Secretary),  Rachel Richardson (Chorus Librarian) and Adam Murgatroyd (Band Rep) loyally wearing the sandwich-board.

Well done to all of them, staunchly manning (and woman-ing!) the society stand throughout the day; thanks also to those who also helped but didn’t make it into the photograph!

See you all at the Music Social in Eliot Hall on Monday evening for some refreshments, the chance to network like-minded musicians and some live musical entertainment.

Society Ladies: (l-r)Kathryn Redgers, Aisha Bove, Rachel Richardson and Hannah Lilley

Three days to launch!

Freshers’ Week is but three days away now, and the Music Department is drawing breath before the musical merry-go-round begins in earnest.

Holy smoke!

Starting next week, auditions and interviews will begin; Freshers’ Fayre welcomes new and current students alike on Thursday, so keep an eye out for members of the Music Society, Music Theatre Society, RockSoc and others clamouring for your involvement this year. There’ll be copies of this term’s Music brochure and the ‘Getting Started’ guide to first rehearsals at the Music Society stall, and members of the committee will be on hand to answer all your questions about the forthcoming musical year.

The Music Social takes place on the following Monday: come to Eliot Hall at 7.30pm on 26th September to meet members of the University’s musical committee – there’ll be refreshments, entertainment, and a chance to find out more about what goes on.

Crouch – touch – pause…